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On this page, I will list the current Prayer requests. If you have any that you would like to include, please leave a comment and a link to your blog. 
DISCLAIMER: Many times, it is hard to keep track of some of the kids, and some might have already been adopted. If that's the case, I would LOVE to know about it. If you are adopting that child, and prefer to keep information private, please let me know. If you request special prayers, please let me know as well.
Also, please don't hesitate to let me know if any other prayer needs. Contact me at annajrb(at)
Jefferson was born in 2006, and as his RR profile states:
In May 2011 the boy fell off the third floor and his condition is the result of the injury. He has some vision and speech impairment but he is a very smart and nice boy

He does appear to have been transferred to internat, and I frankly don't know any more details, other than there is a sweet boy that desperately needs a family.
I will update this, if I manage to find any details, but for now, please pray for Jefferson to find a family.


I love his eyes. So wide and full of hope.
From his RR page:
Boy, Born November 2005

Brandon is a sweet little boy who was born with CP.   Brandon is socially and emotionally delayed. Whether his delays are simply from institutionalization or have a congenital basis is unknown. Only when he is a wanted part of a loving family and given access to proper medical and educational interventions can his true potential be revealed.
He is also said to have significant speech delays. He has crossed eyes and astigmatism.
Brandon is blessed to still be at the baby house.  He is facing the institution. More photos available.
$3493.59 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

 Eli (Sugar bear)

Sometimes God introduces you to a very special kid, this one sweet little face, who captures your heart. And you toss and turn at night, thinking about them, praying, hoping, rejoicing with them and weeping for them. I love ALL my kids, but this little tiny boy, I have to admit, I am just in love.

He was born just about a couple of weeks before my own son was born. He has Epidermolysis Bullosa, and despite the daily struggles, we often get to see a picture of his mischievous smiling little face. He has no idea that he's been an inspiration to so many. And he cannot even walk yet!

So, I come before you, Lord, my heart full of love and hope. I have to confess, nothing less than a miracle will do. As always, I ask for complete healing for Eli and all of the butterfly children. I ask for this wicked thing of a disease to be erased from this world, have they not suffered enough? I ask for this in Jesus' glorious name. Amen.

Please visit our little Sugar Bear on his FB site: Prayers for Baby Eli. If you would like to help the family with medical supplies, please visit his Amazon Wishlist (until God decides to wipe away EB, he needs those supplies daily).

Update: Little Sugar- bear has a brother, who was born just couple of weeks ago. Sadly, he also has EB, but he is loved and cherished by so many despite the trials that are ahead of him and their family. Please pray for both of the boys, their loving parents, their grandparents, their friends.


This sweet angel, who shares the name with a dear friend of mine, desperately needs a family. Another blogger has been passionately praying and advocating on her behalf.

She was born in 2010, and while at a foster home, suffered a frightful injury, which left her unable to move in her right side.
Her eyes are captivating. So much sadness. No child should have eyes like that.

I ask for prayer on her behalf and on behalf of her family, who have yet to find her. I ask for my advocate friends to help me spread the word, to shake up the rusty gates and help her come home.

You can find out more about Linny at "Stop for Snowdrops".  My fellow warrior Johanna, posted more direct information on her current developmental challenges, and condition. Her Reese's Rainbow site is here. Lets do this, friends. Lets be a part of this.

 Baby N

 Friends, this need is extremely urgent. This sweet little boy has a year and a half. A year and a half to raise the ransom. A year and a half to bring him home.

He is currently in an EE orphanage, suffering from EB (Epidermolisys Bullosa). If you have followed my blog for a while, you might know, that this is simply heartbreaking. There is a family that is working on adopting him, DESPITE the adoption ban. DESPITE the need for the money. But we know, that the money is not the obstacle. It's the hearts, the stone-cold hearts and indifference. The prejudice, the nay-sayers, the lack of faith. Please join me in prayer. If you are able to help the family gather funds, please do.
But more importantly, please pray. His situation is DIRE.

The truth is, once he is 5, he will be sent to live with his grandmother, who stated that she will not seek medical help for him. That means that a young boy will die. Slowly and in agony. If he is not meant to be in this world long, he deserves to pass on in the arms of a loving family, with human dignity and some measure of relief.

Please join me in prayer. The battle is on. And this little soul is at stake.


Ambassador of love had this to say about this little boy, when she had a chance to meet him at his orphanage in Eastern Europe.:
"I could go on all day with stories of Bogdan’s cuteness. The truth is, if words and pictures could convey how wonderful he is, I am convinced he would have been snatched up the very same day he was listed. Unfortunately, words and pictures do not do him (or any other child for that matter) justice. And so, he waits. He waits for a mommy who will teach him good manners and who he can to blow kisses to every day. He waits for a daddy to play catch with him and throw him high in the air. He waits to be free to run and play as little boys should. He waits for the opportunity to go to school and learn his ABC’s and 123’s. He waits for hope and a future and a family to call his own. You know the drill – we need to pray, we need to spread the word. "

Amen, sister. Father, I hold up little Bogdan up to you. Please make way for his family to find him soon. Be it through this blog, through the Reese's Rainbow site, through one of the other blogs that will advocate for him. Be it through a chance meeting, and a chance conversation - you make the common and the "coincidences" happen. They become miracles, stories that only you can weave through our lives.


Friends, I have been called to be a prayer warrior for a little boy, who is not even a year old. His life has just began, and like many in his country, he's been cast away, unwanted. He is a precious little boy, with grey eyes and dark hair. He has Down Syndrome, which means that he will spend the first 5 years of his life confined to a crib, only to be taken out for physical evaluation, and put back in - shut out from the world.

When he turns 5, should he survive the terrible, terrible years, he will be sent to a mental institution for the remainder of his life. A place with mentally ill, mentally challenged, disabled children and adults. He will have no family, no love, no tender touch. He will have virtually nothing a human should have - another human being who cares whether he lives or dies. Someone to love him.

As always, Father, I pray that you find this boy's parents. He is so small, so fragile. He needs You, most of all. Please help his parents find him and shield him from the cruel future he is facing.

Please visit Alexander's page here, and consider donating towards his adoption fund.


Update: Now more than ever, friends. Something is at work overseas.

This might be a little unusual, but God revealed to me that it only makes sense. Meet Pavel Astakhov. Some of you might have heard of him, he is quite a popular figure in Russian. He is the Children Rights Comissioner for the President of the Russian Federation.

Young, handsome, popular, celebrity, talented, and entrusted with decisions that will make or break the future for many children in Russia - orphans and those who have families.
I don't know what kind of a man he is. I want to believe he is honest and diligent. That he seeks the truth, and THE Truth.
I simply pray that whatever he does – it is done according to God’s will. That his interests serve the children. To speak for those who are hurt or forgotten. To not be blinded by the power and wealth. For his safety from those who might wish to harm him. For the safety of his family and friends. And for his own heart. Let it be filled with strength and light and love.


Gosh, this boy, my friends...
He is one brave little soldier of God. To be so young and have faith like this - what a gift he is. This sweet little boy has been sick, very sick for most of his life. He is only 4 years old, and have spent more than 500 days in the hospital. Despite all the pain and suffering, he remains to be a light. A light for God. To have such love for God, and being so young.

Please pray with me for Rowan, and for his family. Let his love to God touch those around him. Let him continue being a light. Heal him, Father, give him relief.

Please visit his mom's blog, where she shares amazing stories of this little boy. My heart breaks for him AND is uplifted by him at the same time.


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