Battles won

This is the page for all those kids and families, who have won the battle. The fight is not over, they still need prayers and Lord's guidance - now and always. But alas, these are His Victories.

 I am VERY late with this terrific news (so glad God is on top of things!). But this little buy is now home:
 His family's blog:
Amazing story, amazing God!



Sweet soul, she went through so much, but she is home now.
Praise be to God!



 Little Patrick (who's so grown up now!) is safely home with his family! Please follow them here:
Praise be to God!

(Daniel) Valentin.

Every time I move a child from my "battles" to "battles won" my heart just melts. I know, I am behind times, behind the lines for so long. Yet, God is faithful. He is home! MY prayers are for the kids and the family, who now have their sons!
Thank you Father!


My dear Peter, I am NOT a faithful soldier since you are home for a while now, but the Lord is. Your family has found you, and my heart is broken in just the right enough happy place. One again, Thank you Father, again and again.
This is Peter before his family found him. My heart breaks  with JOY to see him now, from his family's blog.

What a difference. There is life in his eyes, and his loving mama's arms are around him. I wish you, and your family the best, little boy!



Update: Annika now has a family, who CAN and WILL bring her home! Please visit her family!

Anika needs our prayers today to find a home. To be brought to God’s light and raised knowing Him. She needs a family of her own. I know they are out there, I believe that she will find a place of her own. Soon!
But we must pray and continue praying. Anika is HIV positive, and should NOT be locked in an institution all her life! This will happen. I know it will!


Updates: VANIYA IS HOME!! Please visit the Fishers , to share the joy. The pictures speak volumes, and I guarantee some happy tears.

Reading their story - I can feel the utter joy of the family. A family is whole, a child has a home, and God's glory is revealed, again and again.


Kiril and his family

Update: Today is a MONUMENTAL day in God's Kingdom. Yes, he is one boy, but what a story! After all the tears and praying and waiting, his parents will finally be able to take him home!

Kiril's adoptive family went as far as to travel to his home country and stand before the judge, just to hear "denied". On the account of the boy having Down Syndrome. Someone decided that the boy will be "better off" in an institution, instead of a loving family.

After much turmoil, and hearing "NO" over and over, the levee broke. The boy is home, safe and sound. A heart mended, and a family is whole. Those who were following this amazing story, I doubt they will forget it.

You can find the original story here.


Update: How awesome is our God? So awesome, that no words can express it. Awesome is a really poor word to express what I'd like to say. Baby Carrington is doing extremely well and after all the treatments at the hospital she is finally home!

The original blog, that a friend of a family used to keep has been closed now. But the memory of this victory remains. My best to them all!

Just a brief story, this sweet girl was rescued from an EE orphanage, where she was starved nearly to death. She weighed only 11 pounds at 3 years old. Can you even imagine it?! She was nursed to health, hospitalized as soon as she got off the plane in US. Last I heard, she was doing splendid - in the arms of her parents.



Updates: Serves me right no putting a link to the page, and missing the amazing news! Little Tanner will have a family soon as well! Please meet My Camo Kids, and their amazing story.

This sweet boy just lost his family - a family that was going to adopt him but for whatever reason decided not to. He has kidney problems - born only with one kidney, and that one, appears to be damaged as well.
He will probably require dialysis for the rest of his life, and due to his life in isolation (basically living from a hospital to a hospital), he is not very developed socially.

He does have 9000$ towards his adoption costs, gathered through Reese's Rainbow. Please pray for this boy to come home. Praying to 100, Lord. For 100,000, just like we agreed on the weekend of C4C.

I am in the process of trying to track down any information about this boy.

Zara/Lily now

Update: I know I am late on this, but Lily has been home for sometime now, and is doing great! Please visit her family at

Update: Something (someone!) told me to look into baby Zara's situation again, and sure enough, God's sending me the memo now - She has a family!Please visit A Life Redeemed for their adoption progress.
You look at this face, and you tell me that it's not worth it. So worth the stress, the funds, the sleepless nights. could you imagine, being a part of saving a life. LIKE ACTUALLY SAVING A PERSON'S LIFE?! Because Lily's family done it.

Before adoption: Sweet baby girl, you just turned 2 a couple of days ago. No party, no fairy wings, no sweets, no balloons. You laid in your crib, alone, just like you did for the past 2 years.
My hugs and kisses to the sweet child.
Carson and John

Updated (July 2013) Both boys are home. Their blog was made private, but I think of them all the time. Praying for healing. Everyday.

Update, again! Yes, I have more news. I am speechless at this story. So humbled and on my knees at God's kindness.
This sweet little boy apparently has a brother. A slightly older boy, who was sent to a different orphanage about two years ago (due to his age). The only other person, who also is suffering from this disease, and to be separated from him!
Well, this boy is also getting adopted by the same family, who are intent on keeping them together. Please visit these people, and pray for them. And please, please, please, donate whatever you can. The costs are staggering, but the result - not one, but TWO families made whole again.

Update: God is amazing, don't you know this by now? How many miracles can possibly happen over our lifetime? How about countless?
This little boy has a family that has committed to bringing him home. Please visit their blog and offer help and prayer. I cannot wait until he is home.

Little Carson is 7 years old, and was born with a rare and debilitating disorder, called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He desperately needs treatment, which he does not and will not get at the orphanage, where he resides at this time. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, but proper treatment and medication can reduce the symptoms.

Besides having his medical needs being met, this little child needs a family. Please visit A dozen reasons blog to find out more about this boy, or to Carson's blog, which was created specifically for the purpose of helping our with donations for his adoption fund.

And most of all, please pray. Don't allow the world to tell you that its impossible for EVERY needy child to get help. It is. It can happen. Just pray.



Update: Shea is officially an orphan no more! His family passed court!

Update: Shea's family has arrived to his country! You can read this exciting report on their blog!


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