About me

This blog started out as a place for me to write down some memorable and, hopefully, humorous anecdotes of my life as a little girl, growing up in Soviet Russia. Little did I know that God would use blogspot to be a place for me to be broken and rebuilt into something new.

I am not certain what my purpose here is exactly, but I know there is a plan. God has revealed me so much just in the past few months - a whole lifetime of possibilities. He has taught me so much about things I "thought" I knew. He has also gave me the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the lives of people who obey him.

This blog is my battlefield. It is my school and my house of Worship. I would like to use it to connect with people, as well as connect people with one another, and join in our battle against injustice, oppression, cruelty, and most of all - indifference. I would like to use it as a testament of God's faith-fullness and love for us. A report on adoptions, advocacy, spreading the word on prayer needs and charities.

My friends, we are at war. An invisible war, but with visible results, and all-too-real casualties. We are called to act, and no matter how small, you feel your contribution is, God will make good on it. He will take that mustard seed and grow it into a tree. He will take that dollar, given out of kindness, and turn it into a flood of hope. He will take that prayer for the broken, and turn it into a monument to His love.

With that, my friends, I must say - Up the hill - is no longer both ways. Up the hill one way. To Him.



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