Aug 28, 2014

The war.

Hello, my friends. It's been a long time, a VERY long time. I won't go into the reasons for this right now. There is something else that's been pressing on my heart heavily lately, as well as the hearts of many thousands of people.

The war. The war in Ukraine. I grew up in Ukraine, mainly - Donetsk. That's where I found my first best friend, that's where I had my first big dreams of my childhood, my first love. You might have heard the news about the situation there - I won't go into it. You heard it, you know what's going on as much as me.

My grandfather, a WW2 survivor, a cancer survivor, a disabled person, had to flee his home just a week ago. My family is praying that they made it out - refugees have hard time finding safe passages out of the cities. We have not heard from them yet. The winter approaches, and if you know anything about Eastern Europe, you know that if the gas and food lines are cut off from the main cities - the people there won't make it.

But worst of all, if that while the civilians are evacuated, families are fleeing to their relatives in Russia and other countries around Ukraine, there is a LARGE contingent of Ukrainians that will be left behind. They will be left behind to starve and die. If not die from starvation, then from shelling.

I am talking, of course, about the "forgotten ones". The thousands of orphans that are still in Ukraine, I am talking about the disabled elderly who have no one. I am talking to those in the smaller villages, those that simply have nowhere to go. Plus, thousands of families displaced, without a home, food or basic things a person needs. One nurse in a "birthing home" plead for formula, because the infants were simply starving - they were rationing it as best as they could, but they are just running out.

But how do you help someone in a war zone? Well, I don't believe for a second, that it was a mere coincidence that have caused me to stumble upon a particular website, a charitable organization in Ukraine. They have spent years in helping the sick and the orphans.
They are attempting to go into the front lines and help with basic necessities there, as well as sending the supplies to the refugees. They have put out a call for help and supplies, but for those of us overseas, it would be easiest to donate much needed money to fund this:

I ask my friend, please donate as much as you can. Be is as little as 10$ - it will go far in that region. I also know that 100% of those donations will go to helping people, especially the children. Right now we need to help them buy time, to make it through this. Please.


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