Aug 23, 2013

So yes, Uganda!

Yes, its finally happening. The time is set, the ticket is purchased! I just have to get a little bit extra from the bank to cover the rest, but I finally am getting around to doing it - I am going to Uganda!

I am going with the Go Team - International Voice of the Orphans.  What can I say, I am so happy that things happen as they do. That I find an amazing group of people that knows what they are doing, have a purpose, a plan, and a passion. If you asked me a few years ago - what's one place you are least likely to go, it would be Africa.

Am I scared? Actually, I am more scared of telling my family that I am going. My husband knows, and he's been supportive with anything I set out to do, but the rest of the family - not so much. I know I will get a lot of negative comments and judgement, and its really stressing me out.

But no, I am most definitely not scared of Africa. Our fear of some place comes from lack of knowledge about the place. But the more you learn about something, the less scary it becomes. I hate flying, so that's probably will be the biggest challenge for me to overcome. On the plus side, we are not flying Delta. :D

So, yes, I am so thrilled and in disbelief that in less than a month, my feet will be touching Uganda's soil. How awesome is this?!

PS Perhaps one day it will be North Korea, or Pakistan, or even Iran. Who knows, right?

1 comment:

Kim Young said...

Omgeeeee. So excited for u! Going to be the best trip ever!


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