Aug 30, 2013

A chance to change a life.

Update: Thank you for all, who answered the call, and thanks be to God for providing this miracle! As always, You are faithful, and are are so fortunate to see these things happen. She desperately needed just 1 month worth of funds, but just in one day - she was set for 4 whole months! For more, please visit  Bible Orphan Ministry.

I honestly don't know if anyone reads my blog, but in an off chance that someone does, I am praying that this gets passed along.

From a fellow-blogger in Ukraine, they are asking for help for this sweet young lady. They only need 189.00$ to help her get an education. This is from Bible Orphan Ministry:

 This beautiful  young soul  this year just graduated an orphanage. Аll her childhood she spent away from the family, not knowing that such parental care and gentle mothering love. Throughout the years Olga was a good student and always did well with liability given to her assignments. She is always happy our arrival and came to Bible lessons or meetings. Olga is loving the Lord Jesus soul. She is a Christian who trusts the Lord that He will take care of her. In the daily prayers, she opens her heart to the Lord, pouring out all her heartaches and worries.
  This year, Olga faced with a huge challenge. Not one college and trade school did not want to take her, because she was in orphanage for children with special needs. Spent a lot of time and days in search of schools, who have agreed to receive this sweet girl. But it was all to no avail ... Imagine, what felt Olga at this point? What she thought?  Not being accepted from childhood she has still suffering from this terrible stain. "You are not like everyone ." 

In fact, Olya is smart girl and sometimes, when we saw her in orphanage. I always thought, what she was doing there? She probably got here by mistake of doctors. That unfortunately is very common. :( 

Honestly, I do not know why Olga came to the orphanage. But she would LOVE to study very much! Her dream is to get an education and to live an independent life.

I have been blessed to have a mother, who gave her all to raise me and give me an education. I might have not had the means to go to the best of colleges, but I have always had the opportunity to do so, if I put effort in it. But I cannot imagine to desperately want a chance for edication, and being told "no". They only need such a small amount. 

I know that there are countless needs, and asking for money is hard. But I honestly believe that when it all comes down, and you are asked to account for how we spent our time on earth, helping someone to acheive that should be a basic human right - its amazing. Its glorious. Its humane. 
If anyone reads my blogs - please help raise this miniscule amount. Just a tiny little drop. But what a lifetime of difference it would be for this young woman!

Donations can be made to Olga's fund under (PayPal).


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