Jul 17, 2013

Teaching this old dog new tricks - Freedom Fridays

After getting inspired (thanks Youtube), I have decided to pick up a new craft. Card-making!
I bought some strter supplies, and was so excited to start the first project.
I quickly discovered that I lack fundamental skills, like, basic math. The measuring and cutting of the appropriate length of paper was a major task.
Gluing things, is something apparently, I skipped in elementary school, because the glue stick that claimed to be "extra strong" did not want to glue anything.
Stamping? Yep, did it wrong.
Glue dots? HAHAH.
Sparkles? Yep, my hair is sparkly, but the card looked like a slug-fairy crawlled all over it.

But overall, an enjoyable experience, very tranquil for some reason, despite the stress. I produced 3 cards: not stellar, but they are going into my "beginner's hall of fame". One issue that I came across, and maybe some of you experienced card makers could help me with this: My brand new Fiskars paper cutter, leaves the decorative paper frayed after cutting. It's the kind of paper that they sell in large bundles or peel off binders at the scrapbooking section. It's rather thing, and I'm sure not of the best quality. The cutter has no issues with cardstock paper.
You might be able to see the edges on the color parts - they are not very crisp.
Anyone have any idea on what to do?

Another new craft that I am slowly picking up is jewelry making. I started with purse charms, because I found some awesome acrylic charms on sale, and I am much better with a pair of needlnosed plies than papercutter. They came out looking really nice!

So, that's what I'm up to lately. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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