Jul 19, 2013

Call for action - Linny

This sweet angel, who shares the name with a dear friend of mine, desperately needs a family. Another blogger has been pationately praying and advocating on her behalf.

She was born in 2010, and while at a foster home, suffered a frightful injury, which left her unable to move in her right side.
Her eyes are captivating. So much sadness. No child should have eyes like that.

I ask for prayer on her behalf and on behalf of her family, who have yet to find her. I ask for my advocate friends to help me spread the word, to shake up the rusty gates and help her come home.

You can find out more about Linny at "Stop for Snowdrops".  My fellow warrior Johanna, posted more direct information on her current developmental challenges, and condition. Her Reese's Rainbow site is here. Lets do this, friends. Lets be a part of this.

Some questions answered about her:

How does she communicate? Can she speak? How many words?
She is burbling, not really talking.
What is her favorite toy to play with? Her favorite thing to do?
She doesn’t really play with toys. But she really loves snack (fruit, cracker, candy, etc).
Can she move around on her own? How?
She can’t move well. She is not walking. She is not crawling well.
Does she like to play with the other children? Does she have a best friend?
She doesn’t play with other children much. She would stay aside and look when other children are playing. Sometimes she smiles.
What is her personality like?
Fairly quiet.
What is she learning right now?
She is not in school/class.
Is she toilet trained? Does she have control of her bowels and bladder?
She can’t control yet, she is still in diaper. Her nanny is potty training her.
What does she do when she’s happy? excited? sad? angry?
She smiles when she is happy. She claps her hands when she is very happy/excited. She cries when she is sad/angry.
Does she like music? What does she do when she hears it?
She likes music She waves her hands when she hears music.
Her updated measurements
Height: 79cm; Weight: 9kg; Head: 44cm

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