Jul 1, 2013

Battle-horn has sounded for Baby N

Dear friends, I come to you with a prayer request, as well as an opportunity to be  apart of an awesome battle, that the Lord is fighting for a little boy. Little baby N (as you well know that to protect the children, and adoption, the kids are not called by their full names.)Currently, this sweet little boy lives in an orphanage. To make matters and the situation more dire, he is suffering from EB (Epydermolysis Bullosa), which is a rare and deadly genetic skin disease. It is called "the worst disease you never heard of", and I fully agree.. Lets come together and be a part of another miracle. There is a family that's working to bring this precious little boy home. His time is literally running out - he needs adequate medical care, while he waits for a cure.

So, friends, visitors, I lay my heart down before you and plead to spend some time with God, and talk with him. Pray on N's behalf, pray for his family, pray for the officials to grant the adoption. I also ask to be able to give, even as little as a few dollars, towards this adoption. We have seen mountains move. We have seen impossible odds being beat. This is NOT impossible. This is love.

If you want to find out a bit more, or to offer a donation, pleas follow this fundraiser link: Baby N's hope.

Update: I do beleive I forgot to mention, that at the end of the month, the creators of the fundraiser will be picking a random contributor's name, for a winning chance fpr an iPad mini!

Baby N

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