Mar 13, 2012

One Step closer

Well, I have made my appointment for Uganda shots for this week - very excited. Unfortunately, it does not look like my last physician bothered to transfer over my immunization records over from our previous state, so I might be coming home with a few more shots than I have anticipated.

My hubby is so excited for me, I am truly thankful to have someone so supportive in anything I do, but especially this.

In the other news, I spend yesterday planting my veggies and herbs for this season. Hopefully more than rosemary survives. :D Anyone would like lots of rosemary? Apparently nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow stops rosemary.

Oh, I have finally gotten David Crowder's last album (Requiem), and I just LOVE it. I've been listening to it nonstop. It's a bit unusual, but a true piece of art, and I would most definitely recommend it.

1 comment:

Engendo said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! none of them hurt in the moment but typhoid and polio made my arm ache for a day or two :)


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