Mar 15, 2012

Into Making things, but now sure what to do with it?

Are you spending all your free time on making....stuff? Sewing, drawing, decoupaging, carving, molding, sculpting? Filling up your closets with wonderful and dear items, but not quite sure what to do with all of it?

I have a suggestion for you! International Voice for the Orphans has created a wonderful ministry, that benefits both - the crafters and those who like buying unique, hand-made items. 100% of the proceeds go to support the orphans in Uganda.

So, if you have hand-crafted items, or vintage things, laying around, collecting dust - send it to the Orphan Wares. Let the labor of your hands, become a tool, a means to bring hope to many.

How to donate?

100% of the money from the sales (minus shipping costs) will be sold to feed orphans spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Please be aware that once the items have been shipped to Orphan Wares, we are not able to return them to you. Our prayer is that the Lord will bless you and your family as you have blessed others!

Please include the following information with your donation:

Your Name
Your E-mail address
Item Description
Suggested Donation

Please ship your donation to:
Shipping Manager
Attn: IVO - Orphan Wares
11000 Brimhall Rd., Suite E
Bakersfield, Ca 93312

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