Feb 13, 2012

Help me get to Uganda!

This is always a bit awkward for me, I have to admit, but I feel that there is no shame to ask for help. As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have made a decision to go on my first missions trip to Uganda. The trip is lead by The Saunders family, under the International Voice for the Orphan.

As this is my very first trip, I frankly, have no idea what entails in raising the money for it. But I would like to introduce my effort: Hand-crafted toys and ornaments for sale at my new Etsy store.

I love crafting, and I figured since I am fairly good at it (I hope!), I would like to use the skills I have to help me get to Uganda. So, if you are looking for a gift for someone, or just plain would like to help, please visit my Etsy shop. I am still adding new items, so please don't forget to keep looking. Hopefully you will find something that catches your eye, or calls your heart. Maybe there is a toy cookie that wants to be taken to your home.

If you would like something special made, please let me know. I am quite new to Etsy, so I'll be happy to try and create something for you especially. Please drop me and email at annajrb@gmail.com.

Onward to Uganda!

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