Feb 3, 2012

Elija's Hope : Adopt an orphan in prayer

I am SO excited today! Today is a big day, as Elija's Hope prayer ministry have officially been announced.

Elija's hope is a place, where an orphanage can submit individual children from all over the world, and individuals from all over the world (or churches, families, etc) will be matched to pray for those children.

How is this awesome? Well, for one, you can adopt a child in prayer (or more than one, or the whole orphanage), and not only intercede on their behalf, but also pray for their individual needs.

Will this make a difference? It has and will make a monumental difference. There are many who were touched and heart broken for the lost children of the world. But the need is so great, it feels like a great void that one individual cannot fill. Where to start? Who to help first?

But miracles often happen in small ways. Often - they start with a prayer. Like a ripple on the surface of the water, or a flicker of a flame. Then it grows and grows, spreading out in waves, until it swallows up the darkness. A committed, ongoing, unceasing prayer on behalf of someone who has no voice. So, even if you cannot adopt yourself, have no money to donate, cannot go visit them, you can still be their voice. And the best of all, you can ask the Creator himself on their behalf. You can love them, even from miles and miles away, and be in their lives.

I am excited: Elija's Hope is a place where you can impact individual lives, and as a bonus - learn a lot about your own heart. Please visit them.


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