Jan 9, 2012

News in Russia International Adoption

To read full article in Russian, please visit this site. I took the liberty of translating (Google).


Pavel Astakhov, Children Rights Commissioner of Russia, proposed a moratorium on adoptions of Russian children by foreigners. At the same time, this would be hard to do, legally and practically. Meanwhile, the statistics on the adopted children is not in favor of the United States. He sees the solution in a series of measures: both specific and systemic in nature.
Summarizing the interim results of the year, authorized the president of Children's Rights Pavel Astakhov presented data statistics and outlined the key direction for the future government and his department.

Statistics and Tendencies:

Thus, the children's ombudsman said that last year the situation with the living conditions and upbringing of children without parental care has improved markedly, but conducted audits revealed numerous violations across the country. In addition, the growing number of people wishing to adopt a child, and in some cities it is a few hundred people. However, over the past year were adopted into the family boarding only 121 children, less than 1% of the total.

" Children should be put out of orphanages and boarding schools, and arrange them in a family boarding for 7 - 10 people, no more, - said Pavel Astakhov. - Whatever good children's home, out of its walls, at best, dependents, and at worst - the criminals "

The Ombudsman has presented the North Caucasus as a positive example, where, most of the time, the institutions are of a family-type, where children of different age and sex lives as one family under the name of the older boy. According to Pavel Astakhov, each region has its own national and cultural features that work with children must be considered.

Orphan statistics:

According to statistics, the country's 682 thousand children without parental care, of which 86% - children whose parents are alive. For the year were selected almost 5.5 thousand children from disadvantaged families. The number of repeat "rejects" - children who were returned to childcare after adoption, more than 8 thousand

Who is responsible?

As a priority, in addition to the transition to family boarding, Pavel Astakhov, called also change the entire system of child rearing. In particular, it calls to unify the management of such institutions to develop uniform standards of education and training.

"We have a boarding school for the Ministry of Education is responsible for the orphanage in penal colonies - FPS for children's colonies - Ministry of Internal Affairs, and for spetsinternaty (internat for special needs)- Ministry of Health. What kind of uniform standards can we talk about?" - He stressed.

Children on the export

Very sore topic was the relationship with foreign adoptive parents. In this regard, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Child tried to dispel the myth of the welfare of overseas adopted children in Russia and expressed hope that in the coming years, the country can opt out of this practice and to solve the problem as a whole.

"Russia will be without orphans, this phenomenon is drifting to the past - he said. In our country we have every opportunity and treatment, and detention of such children. Are we not ashamed still exporting oil, gas, and children abroad?".

The argument resulted in the Ombudsman showgirl in the U.S., which was disappointing. Over the past year in this country registered 3.6 million cases of child abuse, while 10% - are crimes of a sexual nature. This year, Americans were adopted almost 10 thousand children, and a little more than a thousand - children from Russia.

Pavel Astakhov, also dispelled the misconception that foreigners are basically taking the education of disabled children and provide them with medical care there. According to statistics, foreigners taken from Russia, only 4% of children with disabilities, while the Russians are being adopted to 7% of these children.

The main reason such a high percentage of U.S. citizens involved in intercountry adoption of children from Russia and the low number of us, he sees kriminalizirovannosti this market.

Kids as Business

Thus, according to expert estimates the annual turnover of a foreign adoption agency is more than $ 270 million average price for each child - $ 25 thousand, while in Russia this amount for various reasons and barriers twice as high. Total in the country there are about 80 such agencies.

Due to the tense situation and a lot of scandals, now at the Foreign Ministry and the Ombudsman for Children is working to consider further ways of cooperation. Can not exclude the possibility of introducing a temporary moratorium on adoptions by U.S. citizens. However, this procedure is possible only by mutual agreement of the parties and must be notified 3 months prior to the entry into force.

Meanwhile, experts in this approach are skeptical, calling to solve the problem first in the country. So a psychologist dealing with the problem of adoption of children, Lyudmila Letanovskaya sees no serious problems in foster care in the U.S., and blamed all the ills of Russian society.

"It has been proved that children adopted by foreigners, more opportunities and chances to recover, if they have congenital abnormalities. Another question that the American public and experts often simply not ready for our children, already disfigured system in institutions. Hence, problems, "- said in an interview with an expert Firstnews.

According to her, much more important to make the transition to family boarding schools, that will solve the problem. Restrictive measures, she says, only breed corruption in this area.

The same opinion is shared by the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Committee of Russia Kirill Kabanov. He calls on his part to begin with the law and change the whole system of adoption as our citizens and foreigners.

"This long-standing corruption system, which would be difficult to break because of her podtochennosti under procedures of the majority - said in an interview with Kirill Kabanov Firstnews. - It is necessary to prescribe clear, transparent, clear and strict rules of adoption that has no loopholes."

At the same time he opposed the moratorium, believing that it is more a political move that will deprive many children of a happy and meaningful childhood.


I definitely feel that this situation warrants some serious prayer. Unfortunately, the news source (this one and others) have not given any sources of their statistics, so whether the information that they are feeding is correct or honest - there is no way to tell. I am glad to see that there is some discussion and opposition to this decision, and I am frankly puzzled as to why only US adoptions are mentioned.
Is it because mostly US families are adopting children from Russia?
It various articles, dating from the beginning of December, they are quoting Pavel giving examples of two - three supposed cases, or alleged abuse/criminal behavior/murder of adopted children from Russia.

The problem remains, that sensational stories without context reign in the media business - in Russia, just like in US. However, there is little background-checking, context, or even information on the details in the situation.

I digress. Anger aside - I invite you to prayer for hearts to be changed, and doors to be opened. If not for US - for other countries, or even better - for Russian families to start adopting Russian children, and have financial opportunity to do so.

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Kim Foo Young said...

wow - break my stinking heart whydoncha!

the trend of closing entire programs instead of seeking to improve them is scary, and dangerous to those assisted by adoption.


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