May 19, 2011

This post is not about me.

This post is not about me.

Well, maybe a little bit. I must admit, I have been staying away from my battlefield lately. As embarrassed I am, I have felt a bit overwhelmed lately. And ashamed – how can I feel so worn out from not actually doing anything?
How can Emma, who is decades younger than me, be on fire to go back to Africa – in the fray of battle, and I have never even been there?
How can a family that just adopted, already look to adopt another child And a special needs one at that – when I struggle to reason my way out of doing something I am called to do out of obedience to God?
How can I feel like I cannot take in any more stories of children suffering all around me, when I live in every comfort imaginable – I live through no pain, no need, no want. Yet “IM” the one who is overwhelmed?

So, I’ve been angry, ashamed, tired, and avoiding God. Like a child, who is hiding from a parent, to avoid being given a task – you know what I’m talking about. I know that God is patient.
But I do check back, and I rejoice to see that this is not about me. God’s plan is and was and always on the move – whether I choose to be a part of it or not. Not about me.
Remember little Annika?
She has a family now. What a story! What a miraculous story – the world can NEVER convince me those are coincidences. Those are perfectly crafted stories of love unimaginable. A “throwaway” child is to become someone’s cherished baby. Held and loved, and given a chance to live a normal life.
Please visit Moments with Love, to read this amazing story. Also, please visit her family and offer your support. I never met them, but I love them already.
And yes, we take our falls, and sit back, being human and fleshy. I might make a difference, might not, it’s not about me. Its about Him.

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