May 19, 2011

Praying for Alexander

Friends, I have been called to be a prayer warrior for a little boy, who is not even a year old. His life has just began, and like many in his country, he's been cast away, unwanted. He is a precious little boy, with grey eyes and dark hair. He has Down Syndrome, which means that he will spend the first 5 years of his life confined to a crib, only to be taken out for physical evaluation, and put back in - shut out from the world.

When he turns 5, should he survive the terrible, terrible years, he will be sent to a mental institution for the remainder of his life. A place with mentally ill, mentally challenged, disabled children and adults. He will have no family, no love, no tender touch. He will have virtually nothing a human should have - another human being who cares whether he lives or dies. Someone to love him.

As always, Father, I pray that you find this boy's parents. He is so small, so fragile. He needs You, most of all. Please help his parents find him and shield him from the cruel future he is facing.

Please visit Alexander's page here, and consider donating towards his adoption fund.

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