Apr 13, 2011

Won't you please think of Rowan?

My friends, a little boy,called Rowan, whom I had on my prayer wall for a while now has been very sick for all of his life. I have not seen any updates from his mommy for a while now, and the last one did not sound very good.
Something, or Someone is telling me that he needs our prayer. His family needs our prayers as well. Please include this sweet little child of God in your prayers. He already knows of God, and has faith in things unseen, even despite having spent all his life struggling with sickness and hospitals and procedures and pain.

Father, please hold him close. I hope he is still with us, I dare not to ask his mother - she most likely has a lot going on. I always must pray for the healing, but it is Your will, and sometimes the answer is no.

Please father, send us news. Let us know. In your name we pray.

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