Apr 16, 2011

What is awesome?

Knowing celebrities is awesome. I'm not talking about people like Snookie or Paris or even Charlie Sheen. Honestly, I find them must less interesting than the celebrities of the world that counts - God's world.

I think one of such celebrities is Christie, our fellow bloggers from Compass in my Heart. You don't have to dig through dozens of posts to see how much her heart breaks for the needy children (and adults) in Africa. The cool thing about Christie is that got up, one day, and decided to do something about the situation.

I really believe that her and her husband's (congratulations!) names are known in the Heavens. God knows each one of our names, our hearts, and even each hair that is on our head at any time. But what if people like that are also known among His angels? What is they talk about them, and rejoice with God, as they lay down their life to live in JOY (while brokenhearted for God)?

I really believe that is the case. I just wanted to take time out to tell you about Christie, George, their AMAZING story so far, their ministry - her blog about ministering in Africa, and also share with you all their new site: Ekubo Ministries.

I am especially glad to introduce the site, as my best friend and sister Kim of J2T blog has designed it. She is a talented web designer, so if you have a site that you need designing, or known someone who is looking for someone - I would suggest looking her up.

So, I just wanted to share about how excited I am to know so many celebrities of the Kingdom. They might not even know it, but I truly believe that the angels whisper about them, talk about the great and small victories that they are a part of, and that God himself smiles when they wake up each morning and jump back into the battle.


Kim Foo Young said...

lols - oh yeah that site isnt totally done yet tho :P but i lovs u - and christie is a rockstar right! and i loved listening to her southern accent this week on some of those videos. :) makes me giggle.

Kim Foo Young said...

oh... and... christie and george are married - might have been when you were out of the country that that was announced :)

Catalina said...

Hah, I'm so out of touch sometimes!


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