Apr 18, 2011

Urgent help and prayer request!


I have learned now that nothing happens on accident. Good or bad, somehow God ends up using the circumstances to work His plan. This evening, I (by accident you might think) I came across a story on a news. Story from another state and city - Chicago. A family of 12, parents and 10 children. A child playing with lighter. Fire broke out in their apartment and took the lives of 3 small children.

You can read the harrowing story here.

3 little caskets, and hundreds of broken hearts left behind. If anyone has lived through a house fire, or knows someone who has, their lives become "before" and "after" the fire. That terrible tragedy always remains etched in their lives. To loose 3 precious little ones.

Friends, we do not have to stand by. There is a lot that we can do. The family, left not only bereft in the worst way, but also penniless. They need virtually everything - clothes, kitchen stuff, bathroom, beds, furniture. Everything.

A man, a stranger, who watched the report of this tragedy on the news, stepped up and helped them with the funeral costs. Lets be a part of community that helps them rebuild their lives as well.

Lets not stand by and watch someone's lives fall apart. Donations of items and money can be sent to the family through the Calahan Funeral home.

I am assuming that the donations can also be sent to the local church, where the last goodbyes were said to the children (Alpha Temple Baptist Church, 6701 S. Emerald Av.Chicago)

And most of all, please pray for the major healing and God's plan to be worked out in the most wonderful way, as even amidst such pain and loss, His light shines bright.

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