Apr 1, 2011


I was walking past this building yesterday and came across a statue, hidden in the bushes for the most part. Pretty small, hard to spot from the side walk. I came around, to see it closer, and my throat closed up.

A mother, holding her child so close, as he or she is part of her own flesh. Bending, shielding from the world. As one, in love. I stared at it, and saw in the mother the families of Kirill, Evan and Baby Jane, as well as my sister Kim, who is struggling with her adoption. Perhaps it was due to me thinking and praying lots for the two families, but I would like to think that God chose this piece of metal or rock to whisper this to me.

Today, what joyous news, baby Evan is coming home. The same judge, the same orphanage.Also with Down Syndrome. She is coming home. Spared. Bought out of life of oblivion. Miracle-granting Father, how wondrous are You!

Could it be that the mountain was moved! Yes, the heart melted? Yes, it seems so, history made? YES!

Don't you see, my friends, perhaps if the judge could see that these children are worth to be loved, to be fought and suffered for, she will tell another, perhaps more mothers will take them home, or not abandon them at all.

Praising, always, on my knees, so thankful.
Please continue my friends. We are standing in a midst of a battle. And it has been won by God. We are to continue praying and be faithful. Always.


Kim Foo Young said...

love this picture and love you :)

Undeserving Grace said...

You can email me the answers at undeservingrace@gmail.com :)
have a good week
{tara} from Undeserving Grace


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