Apr 20, 2011

I need to break your heart...

Imagine you were growing up in a happy family. Your parents were perfect - a big, clean house. Plenty to eat, Stylish, clean clothes. Your parents were paragons of virtue - kind, God-fearing people, who devoted their lives to raising you in the faith. They devoted their lives to you, caring for you, providing for you, shielding you from all that's wicked, and hurtful, and painful.

You grew up to be a stable, able, faithful and wonderful person. But one day you find out that all this time you had a brother. A brother who was not born like you, a brother who had a terrible disease. A painful existence - every day filled with suffering. Your parents, out of love for you, never told you about him. They hid him away in a faraway place. He never knew he had a brother either, and spent his life - lonely, abandoned.

Your parents did not want to you feel this pain that they felt for their son. They could not leave a scar on your perfect life because your brother was suffering - why should you? Why should you carry this burden of knowing, unable to help?

Now close your eyes, and think. Would you rather have known or never known about this? Would you have rather continued to live your life, surrounded by love and everyday struggle like anyone else? Or would you reach out to your brother?

God adores us. But he does not seem to shield us from suffering. From seeing suffering. Not just looking at it, but SEEING it. Feeling it in the deepest parts of our hearts.
There is a video that I have been trying to get someone very dear to me to get to watch. Many of you have probably seen it already. He would not watch that video, because it will break his heart.

I want it to break his heart, like it broke mine. Why? Because God wanted to break my heart and he did. I was blind, but now I see, and I cannot live the same. Therefore I must carry on with this gift that I was given.

We all have a choice - a wonderful, free gift that God has given us - a choice. We can choose now to close our eyes and not be heartbroken and never change anything about our lives. Be content and safe and with our hearts safely tucked under our rib-cages.

Or we can take our heart and give it to God and let him do with it as he pleases. "Its yours. Please break it for what Your heart breaks. Makes me see what you see."


The Peterson's said...

How true. God has asked me "not to look away from the suffering of others." And in his goodness he's helping me to also not be overcome by the suffering we see. I love the song from Matthew West "my own little world" and I have turned part of it into a prayer

Father break my heart for what breaks yours, give me open hands and open doors. Put your light in my eyes and let see, that my own little world is not about me.


Catalina said...

Thanks for sharing, Amy. God, indeed, is faithful and totally awesome. Even when he shows us the most painful parts of life.


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