Apr 4, 2011


What a culture shock..Spending only a week in a faraway land, but a land of very stark, barren beauty, and dropping into a full-spring Georgia. Colors, flowers, trees everywhere!

Meanwhile, across the world, I got a chance to see this:

And this!

And some of this:

Iceland, the proud yet fragile ice princess. So beautiful, so strange, like a totally different world. I am quite tired, jet lagged, but happy that I got a chance to see something other than this continent.

However, there is a possibility that I might go to Israel sometime this year. Thinking that I might be standing in the church on the site of Christ's crucifixion, or touching the waters of the sea of Galilee - it really takes my breath away. Then, maybe I can even touch Africa's soil as well. Never thought of myself as a traveler, but I think I got the taste of it, and now I want more.

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