Apr 13, 2011

God's spring cleaning

I don't think I've ever been able to see such an amazing perspective about God, if I did not have the privilege of being a mother. I was thinking about this particular thing the other day, driving on my way to my chorus practice. Driving is my time with Him. I feel happy and free to sing, to think. And this is what I feel He shares with me on that particular day.

Whenever I start doing any housework - washing dishes, or the floors - my little 4- year old son comes running. He hears me drag that heavy pale out in the kitchen and goes grabbing for his sponge. Now, I must admit, most of the time I tell him that I don't need his help. He insists. I ask him to just let me do it quick, but he is already got his sponge into the water and ready to rub the floor with it.

He makes a terrible mess, leaves large puddles, gets in the way, and generally does the opposite of cleaning. But he is so desperate to just be with me, do the same thing I do, feel useful, strong, needed. I usually end up conceding and just cleaning up what he messed up- later on, but he is happy - he helped mommy!

As I was thinking on that, two things came to me:

1) (and this is the amazing things that God manages to do - to constantly rewire me to think differently, to see things in a totally different light.) You see, when I saw someone starting an adoption fundraiser, or go out to the mission, or start a charity drive, I would think - How amazing is it, we have started doing this under God's guidance. God's work is being done now that we FINALLY started being his hands and feet.

But wait a minute. What if..what if its the other way around? God has already started the work. He already put things in motion. He already started the cleaning. And we are the children that are running towards His bucket with our little dirty sponges, and making all sort of a mess, and splashing it all around and leaving big puddles. And he LETS US to be part of his Spring cleaning. He rejoices that His children are doing something productive, something that makes His heart rejoice. Something that has to be done and will be done - one way or another.

We just get to be a part of it.

2) Faith like a child. These few words been coming to my head and my heart a lot lately. To have a faith like a child. What a concept. To have all wisdom in the world or to have a simple, child-like unyielding and all-consuming passion for Him? To fun towards His cleaning bucket and rejoice in being able to spend time with Him, right where He is most visible?

I must remember that every time my son runs to my bucket, before shooing him away. There will come a time when he no longer will want my time. But hopefully, he will want to give that attention to God. That's a mother's prayer - help me be a better parent, help me be more like You, Father.

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