Apr 18, 2011

Amazing weekend

I feel so blessed. what a perfect weekend - perfect weather, perfect blue sky, sunshine. My son, coming home safe (albeit with a tummy ache) from his first baseball game.

I went to a restaurant, for my friend's Birthday celebration, and realized that I actually do know a lot of people here. I must admit, that I often struggle with being lonely. Its not something I will admit in public, but on a blog, I guess its a fair deal.

Yesterday, I had a glimpse of what it might feel like when someone has friends. I do have friends, amazing friends, but living in a different state from them - most of the time I feel so lonely. Its amazing how much I took for granted to have a best friend (whom I get to see in just a few days! Squeel!).

And I have trouble making new friends. I get along with people well, I have a lot of acquittance, and we spend time. But I really don't have anyone that I WANT to spend time with, not like my best friend Kimmi. So yesterday, sitting at this awesome little restaurant, in a cute area of the town, surrounded by all this sunshine and blue skies and people talking - I almost felt like one of the normal people who goes out, has friends, has girlfriends to chat with, shop with.

Being without friends sucks, no matter what age you are. But I'm thankful for just a few brief hours like these, where I can pretend that I have all that. :)

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