Mar 19, 2011

My own adventure

Next week I am about to leave for a 2-week business trip to Iceland. Yes, you heard me right - Iceland!
I am both excited and nervous. I am terrified of flying, or I used to - I think I am finally getting used to it. Luckily, almost everyone there speaks great English (in most cases, better English than here, down in the South, ifyouknowwahtimean). Ever since we landed in NYC 20-some years ago, I have not been outside of the US, so for me, this is like a grand adventure.
I hope that this year I will get a chance to travel to the opposite corner of our planet - To Africa. I recall hearing myself say just a few years ago: "Africa, is one place I will never ever go, because i am scared of it."

I am so over being scared. Seems that if you are motivated enough, you will do anything. :)

So, I will be checking my blog, and will try to post updates, but who knows what kind of access to the internet I will have? So with that, I hope to "see" you all soon.


Deb said...

HOPE you have a great adventure!!! Looking forward to hearing all about your journey!

Kim Foo Young said...

woot! i am so excited for you. lots of pictures! oh and for sure - eat lots of fish :)


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