Mar 9, 2011

Little boy and ice cream

A boy of about 10 walked into a café, and asked the waitress how much is a chocolate ice cream cone with sprinkles.

“50 cents” – said the waitress.
The boy, counting the coins in his hand and asked her:
“How much is just a plain ice-cream, without anything on top?"
The waitress, who had other customers waiting, was starting to get impatient.
“A quarter” – she said, sounding irritated.The boy then counted the coins in his hand once more.
“Can I have just a plain ice cream please” – asked the boy. The waitress brought out a cup of plain ice-cream, carelessly tossed the check on the table and departed to wait on the other customers. The boy finished his ice-cream, took the check to the register, paid and left.

When the waitress came to clean up his table, her eyes started welling up with tears – near an empty little bow sat a stack of coins, totaling 25 cents. It was her tip.

The moral of the story: never judge a person, when you don't know the reason behind his actions.


Sheena said...

What a great moral! Really does make you think. If only everyone was like the little boy!

Thanks for commenting today on my What's Cookin? Chalkboard and for becoming a follower! I really liked looking through your blog! Just based on what I read you might also like my husbands blog
or you may have found me through him? Either way thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment not too many do :)

Catalina said...

thank you, I love his blog. Silly question - how do I follow it? heh
I cannot seem to find the button.


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