Mar 28, 2011

Iceland, the night of the fish.

Ok, so this was way too much fun not to share, and its definitely not as funny when I tell it (I have tested it out already).

So, if you know me, then you know that I am crazy about dried fish, and Iceland is like dried fish Holy land - its everywhere, and is pretty cheap. So my first night here, I bought a bag, and had some and stuffed it in the hotel room's mini-fridge.
A day or so after that, me and John realized that every time we opened the fridge, a big waft of fishy smell was let loose on the room. The fish itself did not go bad - in it\s bag it still smelled delicious (for me), but apparently whatever other noxious fumes it gave off - it went far and wide.

The night of the fish, we cam in the room after having dinner, and it reeked. Really bad. So, we decided to get rid of the fish, because we felt bad that the cleaning people probably had to smell that. But we couldn't just toss it int he garbage can - then it would be even worse, stinking until morning. We couldn't even, for some reason, to bring ourselves to toss it in one of the lobby\s garbage cans. Because that felt wrong.
So, we spent sometime trying to come up with ways to get rid of the fish. Sneaking it outside and burying under the snow somewhere was one idea, but we were too tired to go anywhere.

Now, it was probably just our tired minds, and we were not even drinking, but for some reason we decided that the best way to dispose of the fish (short of sliding it under someone\s door, and letting the, deal with this problem), was to toss it out of the window.

Problem - the window is like 7-feet tall, and the only part that opens was this 1-foot wide portion all the way at the top. So, it was this narrow, angled opening, practically near the ceiling, that we had to try to clear in order to toss the fish outside.

We shut off the lights, cracked it open and commenced with the fish tossing. Because at this point we were doubling with laughter, and nearly peeing our pants, the tossing did not go so well. The large fillets pretty much just bounced off the glass and with a FLOP, landed back on the floor, shattering into tiny fish flakes, stinking the room up even more.
After a few unsuccessful tossings (I think only 2 fillets actually made it outside), we gave up. First of all, the windows were facing the front, luckily NOT the front entrance, but the parking lot next to it. So, whoever the Icelander who found a couple of fillets of dried fish on their car the next morning - I am sorry, I had no choice.

The rest of the fillets we pretty much wrapped up in whatever plastic we could find and snuck it in the lobby, tossing it like a bomb in one of the garbage bins by the elevators.

That was probably the most fun I've ever had with dried fish.And yeah, two days later I bought more fish, and even bigger bad. I don't even care about the smell anymore.

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