Mar 27, 2011

Iceland, day...something

I must say my body is being pushed to the limit. While I am used to the 5-hour time difference (i think), i am still feeling "weird" and "off" all the time. Probably because I've been so tired after the convention stuff.

But, last night me and my husband finally got a chance to go into town, get something to eat, adn spend a bit of time together. I must say that that was my favorite time so far. Its funny, I go across the planet, and have a whole country to explore, and the person I want to hang around with the most - is the same guy I've hung around for the past 15 years.

Anyway, after some wandering around the typical adorable narrow-street European-looking area, we finally decided on Cafe Paris. I know, that's like so cliche. But the prices were slightly better than the rest of the restaurants around.
He ordered some pasta, and I ordered whale steak. Yep, whale. I always wanted to try it.

Let me tell you, I'm glad we only ordered one. John loved my steak,and I ended up eating his pasta. Its not that it was bad - in fact many people enjoy the texture and the flavor. But for some reason my body rejected it right away, and I almost started gagging. There is a strange, new and unfamiliar after-taste to the meat that I guess my body just could not accept. And maybe because its...whale.

The funny thing, John told me, that its not unusual to be sitting at the same table with some strangers in a restaurant. In US - its really unusual, unless you are at a bar (like the bar itself), but here, its quite common. I guess its a great way to meet people, and it seems that outside of the US, the personal bubble is much smaller. There was a rather handsome swedish young man, who started chatting with us, and ended up at our table. I don't remember his name, but he apparently moved to Iceland to be the middleman for various starting businesses here. Or something like that. I had trouble following him, as cute as he was, he also talked quite fast. He also apparently hoped to hook up with two cute Icelandic ladies at the next table.

It was a chance and very charming encounter. We wished him luck in his business endeavors and with the girls. :)

Another thing we learned - your waiter not always comes back with your check. After sitting around for a while, we were finally directed to the register. So, all in all, a great meal, an interesting chance encounter, and a great night.

The night got even better after that, but I'll have to tell you about that a bit later. I'm hoping to go out to a local thai restaurant, so hoping that my group doesn't leave without me.

That's a metal-cast mural in the hotel's lobby - very nice.

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Kim Foo Young said...

yay - oh my gosh - wish i was with you :)


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