Mar 23, 2011

Iceland, day 2

I just woke up, it is 7 am Icelandic time. I think my body is synching up with the time, I guess the next 10+ hours will be a test to that.

As I said, so far everything has been wonderful. I am enjoying, no, relishing and baskin in the comfort of my hotel room by myself. This solitary paradise, although short-lived, as John is arriving here tomorrow, is much-needed. The bed was beyond comfortable, with a feather-filled blanket and a pillow. The temperature in the room is perfect. The bathroom is cozy and clean. I am still figuring out how to work the faucets, as they are a bit confusing. I was told there is a button I am not supposed to press, as it will release the temperature comparable to the fires of hell itself, but I pressed everything anyway. No burns yet. I am being super cautious with the water, so it takes me white a bit to get the right temp for a bath.

Tap water tasted hevenly. Food in general been superb. I am off to have breakfast, which was an interesting mixture of yogurt, fruits, cold cuts, sausages and some pastries. And strong coffee!

I will be working a lot today, but will try to write more. Of, and its been snowing almost non-stop yesterday. Crispy 30s degrees, and feels very fresh (but cold!). Honestly, its like going back in time, back in Siberia - the smell of the wind, the feel of the cold. Its not like in the South in the winter at all.
Even the town itself looks like my hometown in Siberia. heh.

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