Mar 1, 2011

"He loves like a hurricane,,,,"

You know what is amazing? To see a love story so powerful that it literally takes your breath away and brings you down to your knees. To see a story enfolding in front of your very eyes so strikingly beautiful that your heart shatters into million pieces. To see a miracle happen – as graceful as only God can make it happen, not without bumps on the way for us down here, but a MIRACLE. What joy!
Please visit my blog-friend (even know she doesn’t know me, but I love her and read her blog everyday) from A place Called Simplicity and their big news. This is MORE than a birth announcement, or adoption news. This is a true miracle, a love story to cherish. Please visit their blog to hear the whole amazing story.

I am smitten by their whole family, by their little boy that they are about to bring home, and most of all by God, who orchestrated the whole thing.


Rachel said...

You too?!?! I adore Linny & DW and we were online friends before her blog exploded! :) I am thrilled beyond belief with their new boy! :)

Thank you so much for helping us raise funds for the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Gracie's honor!

Catalina said...

Yes, I love that family, they are my refuge from the everyday humdrum. They help me to continue to believe that there is more to life than what most people make of it.


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