Mar 25, 2011

Call tp pray: Kiril

I have already posted Kiril's prayer on my Prayer wall, but I would like to mvoe this to the main page, as his situation is so heartbreaking.

His family, who just like many families, adopting a child wtih special needs, went through the "trial by fire", the paperwork, the travel, the finances, the questions, just to be told "NO". Why? Not because they were not fit, or could not provide for an adopted child. But because a judjge decided that Kiril did not deserve a family, having Down Syndrome. He was not fit to be loved.

Please follow the mother's story about this horrific experience. Basically, a mother was told by court to walk away from HER SON. I am appaled. I am begging you, my friends, please pray for this situation. This is not just about Kiril, but many other children in his orphanage. Please pray that the hears and minds of people maybe opened regarding the Down Syndrome - it is NOT a death sentence, and those children should NOT be locked away and hidden.

Please pray, please pray. Waiting for a miracle, Abba. Thank you.

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