Feb 28, 2011

Wonderful Springtime

The wonderful time is here! At last!The cold are receding, and my lilac bulbs that I buried out in the front last fall (because I didn’t know what else to do with them) – BLOOMED! It’s the first time that a flower that I “planted”, albeit not on purpose, grew and bloomed and smell wonderful.

It almost masks the sewage smell outside my front door. Yep. Dad thinks it’s the laundry-room vent. I have a feeling it’s the septic tank gas vent. Either way – I’ll have to climb up on the roof to find out, because I’ve had it.

But enough of the negatives. The weather is gorgeous. I planted a bunch of freesia bulbs yesterday, inspired with the lilac success. Let’s see if anything happens. I and my boy spent some time digging up dirt and playing with rocks.

I also enjoyed the process of cutting the English/Irish ivy from all of my trees. Before my arms were aching I was able to do only 2 trees. Some of the vines are as thick as the trees themselves, and they are killing everything. So, a few weekends of this is guaranteed. Yay! I LOVE working on the yard, mainly because I never had a yard that I could work on.

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