Feb 3, 2011

Weekend with my sisters

I am so excited. I get to spend a weekend with my sisters Kim and Arlene, whom I have not seen for so long. I think its been a year now, even!

We are heading for a Women's retreat, organized by Created to Care. A weekend of beautiful Lake Lanier, and meeting fellow bloggers moms, attending various panels about adoption matters, care, advocacy for the orphans, and other interesting topics. I am really excited to see what I can learn from this trip. I honestly don't know if I am destined to adopt. My heart is definitely being broken in many places that I did not know existed. I feel that I am being broken, and rebuilt, and formed into something else.

What that will be - I don't know. I just know one thing, that even if I never adopt, I want to be an advocate for the fatherless. I don't know how yet, or where it will take me, I just know that God is not done from me - this is just the beginning. I may never do great things, but I sure don't want to miss out on the chance to be a part of someone else doing them, you know?

So, I will be bringing many pictures back. Please pray that the weather doesn't get to icky, and everyone gets there and back safely.


Rachel said...

Oh how exciting! What an amazing chance to hear God speak! And spend time with some favorite people! :)

Kim Foo Young said...

yayyyyy - i can barely sit still today - bubbles you know - ;)

anyhow its not been a year for me - only 4 months maybe.

andddd lastly - you are so going to get your lil boy from r. :P


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