Feb 1, 2011

Pure love giveaway

Little Peter was born in an Easter European country. He has Down Syndrome, which means that his life will consist of laying in his crib in an overcrowded, understaffed, unequipped orphanage, until he is 5 years old. After that he will be placed in an institution to live out the rest of his miserable existence.

To never know family. Never know love or even a loving touch. To have a soul, feelings, emotions, thoughts, but NEVER to be treated as anything but an unneeded, discarded and flawed creature.

That's a gut-wrenching thought, isn't it? If you, who read this, is a parent: can you fathom this existence for another child?

There is HOPE. One voice starts a fire, a fire across the world that can and will bring Peter and many kids like him out of that hell. Join me in Pure Love Giveaway. I guarantee that it's the best 10$ you will spend all day. Sure, they have awesome prizes, that were generously donated by numerous people (including an iPad). But really, is there a any other prize worth getting that knowing that you were a part of family of human beings, helping a child to find home. Not only that, to find LIFE itself.

10$ is really nothing on the grand scheme of thing but its a lot to Peter. Heck, even 5$ donation is awesome. Proceeds from this giveaway all go to a fun for each one of the children in the Reese's Rainbow Program. These kids will have their donation funds, and all they will need is a family willing to take them in.

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