Feb 3, 2011

Prayer request: Gage lost his family!

This is from Xmas Warrior:

Gage lost his family. Gage is a wonderful little boy that lives in Eastern Europe. A lot of adopting families have visited his orphanage and met him, and all have good things to say about him. He has a adoption grant of over $9100. To learn more about him go here. To see a short video of him made by a familty that adopted out of his orphanage go here. You can also read about this family's adoption experience. Gage needs a family immediately, he is in great risk of being transferred to an institution. Please help me spread the word about this little man, post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Please take time out to pray for this little boy. His time is , sadly, running out. Lord, please do not let him be one of the Lost Boys.

PS Now with working links. Sorry about that all!


Mrs_Thielke said...

i cant click on any of the links! im interested!

Beedeebabee said...

What a beautiful little boy. My heart breaks for all the children that have no family to love them. I hope someone finds him. xo Paulette

Catalina said...

Mrs_Thielke, that's my fault. I have copied the post directly from the source blog, and forgot to fix the links. Xmaswarrior's original post has the link there, however I will fix this post. Less clicking.


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