Feb 6, 2011

Heart and head full of God

This weekend, oh my goodness..so that's what it feels like being hit by a God-truck. In a good way, you know? When you body, mind, and very soul is just tired, but not in the kind of worldly way, where you drag your feet and just want to curl up in the corner and sleep forever.
Instead, the kind of weariness that makes you want to throw down your worldly self, and your worldly life, and just charge forward. No, so tired...let God carry me forward at this point.

Created for Care retreat. Retreat from the world, so full of God. Its exhausting but in a delightful way - how fragile are we to be in the presence of the living God for so long. So wonderful. Right now I am spending the last few precious hours
(or minutes at this point) with my bestest friends before they have to go home. I will update with more information from the retreat sometime tomorrow, when my body is rested and my bags are unpacked.

But I just have to say, I went there expecting to hear from God about one thing, and in addition to that He seems to be laying on my heart a place I've never thought of before.

"Take this weariness (oh God), so I can shine like You, let me shine like You..."

I'll be off to sleep right now, if sleep will come. Too many thoughts and praying in my head right now.

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