Feb 14, 2011

Dreams we dare not dream... Part II

Do you remember my heart's outcry in my last post?
I just gotta say (again) how awesome God is. I spoke about how I feel about wanting to be a stay at home mom to my husband, and he said that he always have known since we moved. It was the plan, actually, but real estate collapse made it impossible for us to sell our house.

But it is a very doable possibility. Not right away, but in a few months, God willing. Besides making it possible, I have full faith in God taking care of it financially. I'm not saying that I would be rolling in $50s on my Persian rugs (no, I don't have Persian rugs), while drinking gold flake cocktails, but we that we will have enough to suit our needs and give us a chance to use the rest for his purpose. In fact, some of those possibilities were revealed as SOON as we finished the conversation, how amazing is that?

Its scary but exhilarating. A whole new life. How about that? A second chance? You bet.

Nothing, NOTHING is impossible for God.

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