Feb 7, 2011

Created to Care retreat

Now that my bag is unpacked and the pictures are off my iPod and camera, and I am slowly getting back into the swing of the every-day life, I wanted to share with you all what I took away from the retreat. I know I have not mention if before, because frankly I was not sure to expect out of it.

What God had in store was far beyond my wildest expectations.
250 women, mothers, most of whom have either adopted or looking into adoption, or ways to get involved and make a difference. Imagine finding yourself in a room with over 200 people of women on fire for God. Women who want to DO, not just feel.

I had the privilege of listening to several of awesome speakers, like Dr. Susan Hillis, a scientist working for CDC, a Christian, and a mother of 10. Several of her children were adopted by her from Russia.

I also singed up to hear a few representatives of the orphan ministries: 147 million orphans, Wiphan, 60Feet and others. Their stories have opened my eyes - I was not only meeting women that were a part of something tangible and real. Women that may not be known around the world, but women who are certainly known in the Kingdom of Heaven. Women who get up, and driven by their dreams and obedience to God to step out of their comfort zones and DO something about the injustice they have seen.
But not only that, God doesn't just do show-and-tell. He takes our hand and nudges us towards what we CAN be, should we trust him. "I play so much for for you. I put these dreams in your heart, and you can be a part of MY story. "

250 women (and a couple of dedicated men to help out with recording, worship lead and support) and a weekend with God. We worshiped, we met new people (well, me - not so much, as I stink at meeting people, to be honest).

We heard many amazing stories. Stories of really amazing things, unbelievable things from different women. I think the most amazing part is not a purely emotional response to a an emotional weekend - emotion without action is irrelevant (to quote Jody Williams). No, a conscious decision to be a part of hope, rather than live a comfortable life of complacency. As a Christian, you an expect that God will break your heart. Sometimes He breaks it so terribly, that we don't know if he can ever recover. But again and again, I hear and see how He doesn't leave people broken. He uses the pieces to form something new, something amazingly beautiful that could not happen before.

To find out more about Created for Care, please visit their new site.

One thing is right, you just never know what door God will open, or what kind of burden he will lay on your heart. I will be posting more about 60 Feet ministry in my later posts, as their story had left a deep cut in my heart. They are amazing people, and I feel so happy to have had a chance to meet Joy Harty. And what fortune - the ministry is based out of my town. How awesome is God?!

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Kim Foo Young said...

gosh - i just dont have words. but im with you.


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