Feb 9, 2011

After-retreat blues

I guess its common to feel blue after a missions trip. Although I did not go to one, I still feel like I did. I've been blue (and terribly sick now) for a few days after coming back.
True, having to say by to be best friends is also a part of it. But getting back into the swing of things is not so easy.

We might have snow flurries tonight. Lets hope there is just that - flurries. No more ice-sheets on the road, please. That was a mess!

Wanted to share a picture we took of us on the side of the Mountain. It was a perfect afternoon, with perfect temperature, clear skies, golden sunlight and my son's great disposition. We just laid on the rocks and plaid with his cars (and more rocks). This is definitely going into my mind's "Most Precious Memory" box.

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