Feb 28, 2011

Wonderful Springtime

The wonderful time is here! At last!The cold are receding, and my lilac bulbs that I buried out in the front last fall (because I didn’t know what else to do with them) – BLOOMED! It’s the first time that a flower that I “planted”, albeit not on purpose, grew and bloomed and smell wonderful.

It almost masks the sewage smell outside my front door. Yep. Dad thinks it’s the laundry-room vent. I have a feeling it’s the septic tank gas vent. Either way – I’ll have to climb up on the roof to find out, because I’ve had it.

But enough of the negatives. The weather is gorgeous. I planted a bunch of freesia bulbs yesterday, inspired with the lilac success. Let’s see if anything happens. I and my boy spent some time digging up dirt and playing with rocks.

I also enjoyed the process of cutting the English/Irish ivy from all of my trees. Before my arms were aching I was able to do only 2 trees. Some of the vines are as thick as the trees themselves, and they are killing everything. So, a few weekends of this is guaranteed. Yay! I LOVE working on the yard, mainly because I never had a yard that I could work on.

Feb 24, 2011

Things are more real than they will ever be (please read to the end)

This is so close to my heart, and stirs many feelings and images, and I want to share them with you. But I was not there, I did not witness it firsthand. I can only ask you to take time out to visit this blog, and read this honest request for help.
I tried to find a way to tell you about it all, but in this case all I can do is use the author’s own words. All I ask is that you visit the site and read the post. It is heartbreaking, but its uplifting at the same time.

“there are children, in Ug*nda, imprisoned.
the technical name is a 'rehabilitation center'....yet, i walked the grounds
and there is no rehab going on.

300 children ranging from ages 6-17 were there. sometimes,
children much younger can be found here. these younger children are swept off
the streets...usually while begging. i looked at the older kids' names
and offenses on the rap sheet. some are there for theft, a couple for
robbery, most for sexual relations....which are illegal there when
you are under the age of 18 & can carry a sentence of
life imprisonment. the issues here are complex, yet not complex at all.
these kids need food so they don't have to steal, some great mentors and
to be taught of God's love.
i expected to find a bunch of angry young men.
what i found was a bunch of kids, lined up nicely & so thankful for a toothbrush
and toothpaste. they played soccer with a ball of trash.
they thanked God for who He is through singing, dancing & drums,
they thanked us through their
winces of desperate pain as we cleansed & bandaged their wounds.

Hope from pain. Beauty from ashes. Again and again He breaks our hearts and opens our eyes. Small token, small charitable gesture will give hope to so many. Please spread the fire.

If I was rich....

Lately, I keep catching myself with thoughts like "Oh, If I was rich, like a movie-star rich, or an oil tycoon rich, the things I could do. I could help so many, I could contribute so much. "
Often, I feel so frustrated to be just another regular blue-collar American woman, with a 9-5 job, and just enough income to pay the bills AND a bit extra.

But then, I stop myself (or maybe its the Small Still Voice speaking) and remind myself of a couple of truths that I don't like to face too often:

1) If I was rich, I would not be the person I am. Simple as that. I know myself. I mean, If i daydream of winning a lottery - in my heart I don't daydream of giving it all away to a charity in Uganda. Or to fund someone's adoption. Or to even buy a ticket to somewhere remote for a month and spend that time helping the needy. No, I daydream about buying a house. With new appliances. Then perhaps giving my family some money - out of guilt, for the most part. So no, my heart is still quite here on earth - God seems to know exactly how much money to give me.

2) I AM rich. I might not drive an expensive car, or buy trendy clothes, or live in a house as big as everyone else's, but honestly - compared to millions of people living in huts, I am stinking rich! I come home to running water, to electricity, warm bed, fresh food, in a quiet and safe neighborhood, getting there in my OWN car. Heck, I live a life that neither my parents nor my grandparents could afford.

When I was growing up, my mom and I had a small one-bedroom apartment. Until my brother was born, I pretty much had the bedroom to myself. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was even better than what some of the other kids had. One girl in our class lived in school. Her father (or mother) worked as a janitor, and they lived in a room at school. Mother, father, her and her little brother all shared a room, not bigger than my bedroom, in school. How is that possible?
Another girl and her family also lived in a studio apartment - all 4 of them. No matter ho "bad" I fantasize myself to be, there is always someone who is worse off. And then there is someone else who is even in a worse situation than them.

And even they are rich compared to the children of Uganda, or Ethiopia, or India, or many other places in the world. So why am I dreaming of riches when I am rich? Why am I agonizing over every dollar given away, when I throw away money on things I don't even need?

The Lord gives us everything, and lets us keep it. He only asks to give 10% away. But keep the rest. Just 10% is that too much to ask?

Father, forgive my constant griping and complaining. What does it take to have a heart re-made?

Feb 23, 2011

Who are you?


1. Where do you usually have your thermostat set at in the winter?

80! For some reason 80 in the house in the winter is OK, but during the summer, I will roll around on the carpet, moaning and crying that ITS SOOO HOT (when its really only 80 degrees). Ok, I'm exaggerating, I roll on the carpet silently.

2. What room do you tend to put off cleaning until last?

Our master bedroom, which I call our primary laundry storage. I don't have a single chest of drawers, so I literally have nowhere to put the million of T-shirts that me and my husband own.

3. Do you like to clean with music on or off?

I usually have it off, because I clean when others are at home.

4. When do you take time to blog?

Usually at lunch at work or after work. But usually at lunch. At work. :D

5. How much time do you spend looking at other blogs a week?

Have you seen my followed list? I don't have ANY free time anymore.

Please visit the host to meet some new people.

Feb 22, 2011

A bit slow lately.

I think this whole "getting healthy" stuff is making me sicker. Getting over yet another bout of drippy-nose and coughing. I am sitting back and just watching the blogs for now.

I have updated my Pray for Someone page. Please take some time out to check on the kids and their families. If you can, re-post their information on your blog, as every bit helps.

Feb 15, 2011

One less orphan: Another miracle

Remember about the 3 sweet kids, for whom Lilly's mommy did the Pure Love Giveaway?

I just wanted to say that this little Peter's face kept rising up in my mind since I found out about him. I would like to let you all know that God had answered the prayers of many - There is a family that would like to adopt him and have already sent a commitment letter. You can find out more here.

I am so excited! Another little one spared, another one will be going home! How awesome is that.

Memorial Box Monday: Oh, how He loves us...

Last week I was struck with a realization that I am living a life that I am not meant to live. Instead of a full-time career woman what I really want to do is stay at home and raise our son (or children, should that happen).
Last week, with trembling heart, I have brought my feelings before my husband. He said he would be happy to back me up, but our finances at this time are stacked against us.

At first I wanted to cry in disappointment and frustration, but I felt the gentle Hand on my shoulder, and a whisper to wait, pray and trust. Not a few minutes after our talk, we have gotten amazing news that will possibly relieve most of our financial trouble and will enable me to stay home. Not only that, it will give me time to work on starting my own business that I have been dreaming of for the past several months, and bring in even more.

Of course it will not happen right away, but the fact that all of a sudden, things that have been so uncomfortable for the past 2 years have started to move - its like a giant piece of ice just broke off from the glacier of our financial troubles, and is now sailing towards the tropical seas, waiting to be melted by the warm waters.

But most of all, its not just how God provides again and again, but how he gives hope. As long as I allow myself to hope and be faithful to trust him. Not now, not right away, but hope for SOMEday.

Please visit A Place called Simplicity and read some awesome stories, meet some awesome people.

Feb 14, 2011

Created 4 Care

I forgot that I wanted to share a moment of funny that happened to me at C4C retreat. Well, I should say a moment of painful awkward, but one woman's awkward moment - another woman's hilarity.

So, Dr. Susan, at some point during her talk, asks us to take a minute to say something nice to a person at the table next to you. Keep in mind, that I was sitting at the table with 10 other women that I didn't know. I am a geek, and at parties - I am the one loitering by the snacks alone, pretending I'm too busy, and trying to hide the fact that I cannot join or continue conversations with people.

So, as everyone at my table starts to look around awkwardly (I am guessing other ladies did not feel very comfortable with this either), my inner 4-year old makes me get up, and blurt out to the nice girl next to me "Sorry, I really gotta pee." And run.

Needless to say, that at a later point, when we were asked to partner up with someone for something that lady did not pick me. I don't blame her.

Seriously, if any of you were sitting at the table with me, I do apologize. But when the awkward comes - I want to hide under the table. If I go to a church that liked to do the whole "greet the person next to you" - it takes every ounce of self-control not to hide under my chair/pew/bench.

I am actually a successful professional, who has done many public convention events which required me to demo products, mingle, socialize and meet strangers in various fields. I have no problem speaking publicly (If I know the topic), or even instructing a class.

But when it comes to a more intimate setting - I am lost. I say the most bizarre things, I am so fake that even I can feel it. I think sometimes people are actually frightened of me a little. I am VERY sensitive to the dialogue rhythms, but I keep interrupting people and I cannot stop myself. I try to wedge myself in other people's conversations, just to end up becoming magically invisible to all of the people engaged in it. It is truly weird.

Dreams we dare not dream... Part II

Do you remember my heart's outcry in my last post?
I just gotta say (again) how awesome God is. I spoke about how I feel about wanting to be a stay at home mom to my husband, and he said that he always have known since we moved. It was the plan, actually, but real estate collapse made it impossible for us to sell our house.

But it is a very doable possibility. Not right away, but in a few months, God willing. Besides making it possible, I have full faith in God taking care of it financially. I'm not saying that I would be rolling in $50s on my Persian rugs (no, I don't have Persian rugs), while drinking gold flake cocktails, but we that we will have enough to suit our needs and give us a chance to use the rest for his purpose. In fact, some of those possibilities were revealed as SOON as we finished the conversation, how amazing is that?

Its scary but exhilarating. A whole new life. How about that? A second chance? You bet.

Nothing, NOTHING is impossible for God.

Feb 11, 2011

Dreams we dare not dream...

When I was little, I never planned to be married and have a family. Oh, of course, I played "the bride", and was planning to marry my father (when I was 3), and was obsessed with brides in general.
But after my father was gone, I think I decided to stop being a girl. To want girl things. To stop dreaming girl things ( at least aloud). Perhaps in my small mind I felt that if I was a boy, a son - my father would stay. That he would want me. That he would miss me being gone from his life.

As I got older, I still was not planning to be married, or have kids. Girls that wanted to grow up and have 3, 5, 10 kids - I regarded them as freaks, frankly. Why would anyone want that large of a family?

I think the realization of this only struck me now - 30-some years later. After talking to and hearing about all these women, who have 2+ kids, some with 10!, it made me wonder - why is it that I don't have a strong sense of "family"? Why didn't *I* want these things? To have a house full of children, to be just home, just a mother, a home-maker. Am I not worthy of all that?

I've been working since I was 14, because our family needed the money. I don't think there was a point in my life (save for a lazy year of 97, when I got married) when I wasn't working. Me, an exemplary worker - that's what I am. No matter whether it's scrubbing the floors of Dunkin' Donuts, or bookkeeping for a major retail store, or doing translations for a global entertainment company - that is me, I guess. For an extra buck in my paycheck, for a pat on the head, I'll go the extra mile and drink the company's kool-aid. That's the identifier that I have created for myself.I've allowed myself to be robbed of all those things that I could have had.

After having my son, and having a house I have realized that that is not who I want to be. That's not the life I feel I deserve.

When God puts a dream in our heart, He doesn't do it to tease us with a distant glimpse of happiness that we can never have. Perhaps he, knowing our heart, shows us what we could be. I knew it for sometime now, but only now I feel the ache of living a life I wasn't meant to live.

I want to be a mother first. I want to make my home, and keep it clean, and have play dates with other mother's children, and have pot-luck dinners and muffin bake-offs at the church. I want to have a church group, and other women around me that I can lean on for support.

I don't want a career out in the world.I can, if I wanted to invest years and more years into it - make a lot of money. I have the skills, and I have the brains.
But I don't want to.

I want to be a stay at home wife, and life a quiet life, and to support my family and not worry about deadlines or time-crunches or bosses or reviews or playing office politics.

I want to wake up with my son at home with me, spend time teaching him, spending time with him, make my home comfy and home-like.I want to have more kids and stay home with them from their birth, and watch them grow. Yes, Lord, I want to be the little wife from the little house in the prairie.

I want to go to a missions trip and not worry about not having vacation days. I want to LIVE the life I am meant to life. Surely there is more to life than offices and cubicles and paychecks?

Is there, Father?

Its not possible financially, but nothing is impossible with God.

Nothing is impossible through God.

Feb 9, 2011

After-retreat blues

I guess its common to feel blue after a missions trip. Although I did not go to one, I still feel like I did. I've been blue (and terribly sick now) for a few days after coming back.
True, having to say by to be best friends is also a part of it. But getting back into the swing of things is not so easy.

We might have snow flurries tonight. Lets hope there is just that - flurries. No more ice-sheets on the road, please. That was a mess!

Wanted to share a picture we took of us on the side of the Mountain. It was a perfect afternoon, with perfect temperature, clear skies, golden sunlight and my son's great disposition. We just laid on the rocks and plaid with his cars (and more rocks). This is definitely going into my mind's "Most Precious Memory" box.

Feb 8, 2011

Prayer request: Carson

Little Carson is 7 years old, and was born with a rare and debilitating disorder, called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He desperately needs treatment, which he does not and will not get at the orphanage, where he resides at this time. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, but proper treatment and medication can reduce the symptoms.

Besides having his medical needs being met, this little child needs a family. Please visit A dozen reasons blog to find out more about this boy, or to Carson's blog, which was created specifically for the purpose of helping our with donations for his adoption fund.

And most of all, please pray. Don't allow the world to tell you that its impossible for EVERY needy child to get help. It is. It can happen. Just pray.

Feb 7, 2011

Created to Care retreat

Now that my bag is unpacked and the pictures are off my iPod and camera, and I am slowly getting back into the swing of the every-day life, I wanted to share with you all what I took away from the retreat. I know I have not mention if before, because frankly I was not sure to expect out of it.

What God had in store was far beyond my wildest expectations.
250 women, mothers, most of whom have either adopted or looking into adoption, or ways to get involved and make a difference. Imagine finding yourself in a room with over 200 people of women on fire for God. Women who want to DO, not just feel.

I had the privilege of listening to several of awesome speakers, like Dr. Susan Hillis, a scientist working for CDC, a Christian, and a mother of 10. Several of her children were adopted by her from Russia.

I also singed up to hear a few representatives of the orphan ministries: 147 million orphans, Wiphan, 60Feet and others. Their stories have opened my eyes - I was not only meeting women that were a part of something tangible and real. Women that may not be known around the world, but women who are certainly known in the Kingdom of Heaven. Women who get up, and driven by their dreams and obedience to God to step out of their comfort zones and DO something about the injustice they have seen.
But not only that, God doesn't just do show-and-tell. He takes our hand and nudges us towards what we CAN be, should we trust him. "I play so much for for you. I put these dreams in your heart, and you can be a part of MY story. "

250 women (and a couple of dedicated men to help out with recording, worship lead and support) and a weekend with God. We worshiped, we met new people (well, me - not so much, as I stink at meeting people, to be honest).

We heard many amazing stories. Stories of really amazing things, unbelievable things from different women. I think the most amazing part is not a purely emotional response to a an emotional weekend - emotion without action is irrelevant (to quote Jody Williams). No, a conscious decision to be a part of hope, rather than live a comfortable life of complacency. As a Christian, you an expect that God will break your heart. Sometimes He breaks it so terribly, that we don't know if he can ever recover. But again and again, I hear and see how He doesn't leave people broken. He uses the pieces to form something new, something amazingly beautiful that could not happen before.

To find out more about Created for Care, please visit their new site.

One thing is right, you just never know what door God will open, or what kind of burden he will lay on your heart. I will be posting more about 60 Feet ministry in my later posts, as their story had left a deep cut in my heart. They are amazing people, and I feel so happy to have had a chance to meet Joy Harty. And what fortune - the ministry is based out of my town. How awesome is God?!

Update on Gage: He will have a home soon!

David and Carolyne, who already adopted a child from the same orphanage that Gage is in, have felt the calling to give this boy home. they have already committed to this, but are working on remainder of the paperwork.

While this is amazing new, and yet another example of how God provides and looks out for his children, I ask all to pray that all obstacles be moved from their patch, and for his favor and provision. They are running against time, but nothing is impossible.

I cannot wait to see what else God will do.

Feb 6, 2011

Heart and head full of God

This weekend, oh my goodness..so that's what it feels like being hit by a God-truck. In a good way, you know? When you body, mind, and very soul is just tired, but not in the kind of worldly way, where you drag your feet and just want to curl up in the corner and sleep forever.
Instead, the kind of weariness that makes you want to throw down your worldly self, and your worldly life, and just charge forward. No, so tired...let God carry me forward at this point.

Created for Care retreat. Retreat from the world, so full of God. Its exhausting but in a delightful way - how fragile are we to be in the presence of the living God for so long. So wonderful. Right now I am spending the last few precious hours
(or minutes at this point) with my bestest friends before they have to go home. I will update with more information from the retreat sometime tomorrow, when my body is rested and my bags are unpacked.

But I just have to say, I went there expecting to hear from God about one thing, and in addition to that He seems to be laying on my heart a place I've never thought of before.

"Take this weariness (oh God), so I can shine like You, let me shine like You..."

I'll be off to sleep right now, if sleep will come. Too many thoughts and praying in my head right now.

Feb 3, 2011

Prayer request: Gage lost his family!

This is from Xmas Warrior:

Gage lost his family. Gage is a wonderful little boy that lives in Eastern Europe. A lot of adopting families have visited his orphanage and met him, and all have good things to say about him. He has a adoption grant of over $9100. To learn more about him go here. To see a short video of him made by a familty that adopted out of his orphanage go here. You can also read about this family's adoption experience. Gage needs a family immediately, he is in great risk of being transferred to an institution. Please help me spread the word about this little man, post on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Please take time out to pray for this little boy. His time is , sadly, running out. Lord, please do not let him be one of the Lost Boys.

PS Now with working links. Sorry about that all!

Pure love giveaway - UPDATE

One of the children how has a family that is planning to adopt her. Oh, what miracle!
If you have more yet visited the giveway, please do. If finances is the only thing that's stopping someone from adopting these lost children, lets change that!

Pure love giveaway - the best 10$ you will spend all week.And might win an iPad. Or a one of the many other awesome prizes.
I'm sooooo excited, thank you Lord! Little Olga might have a home soon!

Donated 10$, donate 5$, donate 2$ - anything helps!
Pray for the children to find home, because ultimately - that is the goal!

Weekend with my sisters

I am so excited. I get to spend a weekend with my sisters Kim and Arlene, whom I have not seen for so long. I think its been a year now, even!

We are heading for a Women's retreat, organized by Created to Care. A weekend of beautiful Lake Lanier, and meeting fellow bloggers moms, attending various panels about adoption matters, care, advocacy for the orphans, and other interesting topics. I am really excited to see what I can learn from this trip. I honestly don't know if I am destined to adopt. My heart is definitely being broken in many places that I did not know existed. I feel that I am being broken, and rebuilt, and formed into something else.

What that will be - I don't know. I just know one thing, that even if I never adopt, I want to be an advocate for the fatherless. I don't know how yet, or where it will take me, I just know that God is not done from me - this is just the beginning. I may never do great things, but I sure don't want to miss out on the chance to be a part of someone else doing them, you know?

So, I will be bringing many pictures back. Please pray that the weather doesn't get to icky, and everyone gets there and back safely.

Feb 2, 2011

Shopping - no that therapeutic

Ok, let me revise that statement. There are two kinds of shopping that I LOVE to do , and those are :grocery shopping and shopping for holiday decorations/craft supplies. Everything else I consider pretty much a chore.
Clothes shopping is the worst, as that tends me to be depressed and frustrated afterward, considering that I don't weigh what I feel and want to weigh.

But that's OK, all things considered. When I was little, I don't think there was such a thing as "shopping for pleasure". Not in the Soviet Union, at least not where we used to live. In fact, it was a battle. Back in those times (the "glorious 80s"), there was NOTHING in the stores. You can have a list of groceries you want to buy, and you would go to a store and it would have nothing. And by nothing I mean literally - empty shelves. The store could be out milk just as easily as being out of butter, or sour cream, or bread, or whatever else. Not being our of one kind of milk (which, by the way, now sends me into a tizzy: "How DARE they not have the soy milk brand that i love!") - not having any milk at all.

Women did the shopping, and it was not unlike actual hunting. First, you would get bags and containers, because you had to bring your own. The stores did not have disposable plastic bags to give you. The milk was often sold right out of the big cistern. Some products were packaged in jars (like juices were often sold in 3-Liter jars, imagine carrying those home) and bottles, but you always brought your own bags. Sturdy, heavy bags. Because you would buy food to last, since there is no way to tell when you will find it again.

If you had friends in town, it was customary, no - your duty as a human being to let your friends know when a particular store sold something (no cell phones bthw). If a store happened to get a shipment of fresh anything, and you got "the call", you must drop everything and run. Run like the wind to buy it. Of course, by then a line would form, but that's OK. Because there would be a good chance that you would go home with something.

If you got no "call", you had to hunt for "it". Expression to "run around shopping" did not mean a care-free pleasant experience of instant gratification. It was literal running around town with heavy bags, hoping to find and bring something home for your family. You had to plan your trip, going from store, to the store, to the store, until you find what you needed. I recall as a child I had to literally lug pounds and pounds of stuff across town back home. It really stunk when the rice was available at the store all the way across town. I could take a bus, but usually - I didn't have the bus-fair, and waiting for a bus in Siberian winter - well, you might as well walk at that point.

This situation was not just with food, but with pretty much anything. Have you ever stood online for..books? Not just in line to check out but outside in negative degree weather for possibly longer than an hour? When the bookstore would get classics in, or the adventure series, we would always go and try to get what we could. I don't recall for sure , but I think books, like certain foods were actually rationed. You got coupons for certain things like rice, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, flour, and you could buy them only with those coupons. Those coupons were like money around the holiday times, when everyone was trying to trade the sugar ones for other stuff.
Things like Sausage or cheese for example you could only buy in certain quantities - 200-300 grams per person. If you wanted to buy more, you have to bring your family, friends, anyone who's willing to be the "sausage receiver" for you.

The stores would close for lunch mid-day, but the lines would still line up way before the doors open once again - very often that would be when the "exotics" would be sold very quickly. And by exotics I mean things like fresh fish, bananas (holy crap that would be like a miracle), frozen pineapples, nuts, or even socks. You just never knew what you might find!

So, you can imagine the shock of walking into our first supermarket when we came to US - how would one know what to buy, with so much variety? Maybe that is why grocery shopping always was and still is one of my favorite pastimes. I can go in any store that I like, pick the food of my choosing. And if they don't have something that I want, then, sadly, I am simply spoiled.

What's on your mind Wednesday?

I wanted to take some time out to simply relax today, as its been such an emotionally charged week.
I invite you to join me, and other fine people on Taste of T to sit back, share some lazy thoughts and make some friends.

My thoughts today:

* I think I want to make a big deal out of my Birthday next year.
* Knowing how to fold a fitted sheet into anything other than a wad of fabric is like sorcery or something.
* Do all dogs smell like dogs?
*Should I go vegetarian? I like meat too much, I'd never last, but if I do how long?
* Speaking of depriving, how long will I make it without sugar?
* I should fast, but I don't understand it.
* Why do I always battle zombies in my dreams?
* I wonder if I can ever learn a martial art.
* How hard is a Scandinavian language to learn, really?
* I want to start a collection, but not sure of what.
* I think I'm going to start a fashion movement, but the hardest part is sticking to it.
* Yes, I really do love wearing pants AND a dress at the same time. I don't care what they say.
* Says WHO I can't wear that?
* Coffee seem to taste good only at this one perfect temperature window, which is 1-2 degrees wide.
*I think my super power is growing nails really fast.
* My other super power is catching things really well, except the times where I HAVE to catch something. No one ever sees my ninja-like catching otherwise.
* I haven't see any crickets in my house for a while now. Odd.
* WHAT is that SMELL outside this one window. Seriously?!

Feb 1, 2011

Pure love giveaway

Little Peter was born in an Easter European country. He has Down Syndrome, which means that his life will consist of laying in his crib in an overcrowded, understaffed, unequipped orphanage, until he is 5 years old. After that he will be placed in an institution to live out the rest of his miserable existence.

To never know family. Never know love or even a loving touch. To have a soul, feelings, emotions, thoughts, but NEVER to be treated as anything but an unneeded, discarded and flawed creature.

That's a gut-wrenching thought, isn't it? If you, who read this, is a parent: can you fathom this existence for another child?

There is HOPE. One voice starts a fire, a fire across the world that can and will bring Peter and many kids like him out of that hell. Join me in Pure Love Giveaway. I guarantee that it's the best 10$ you will spend all day. Sure, they have awesome prizes, that were generously donated by numerous people (including an iPad). But really, is there a any other prize worth getting that knowing that you were a part of family of human beings, helping a child to find home. Not only that, to find LIFE itself.

10$ is really nothing on the grand scheme of thing but its a lot to Peter. Heck, even 5$ donation is awesome. Proceeds from this giveaway all go to a fun for each one of the children in the Reese's Rainbow Program. These kids will have their donation funds, and all they will need is a family willing to take them in.


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