Jan 7, 2011

Win a vacation in Florida!

The couple at the Voice of Truth is currently raising funds for the expenses for the adoption of two precious boys. They get to fly out and meet their boys on January 24th, and they still have much to raise.

They are not giving up hope. Donation is easy, you can donate as little as 10$ or as much as you want, of course. One lucky winner will get to spend 7 nights of their choice (June-Sept) on the Indian Shores beach in S. Florida. If you never been to Florida, let me tell you (since I have lived there about a 3d pf my life) - that place will forever have a hold on my hart. The snowy-soft white sands, the water, the food, the sun. Man, I get home-sick just thinking about it.

That's not all!
2nd Prize: Nintendo Wii with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, and Wii Motion Plus (Brand New in Box)

But that's not even the best part. Whether you win or loose, you will be helping two wonderful people to bring 2 boys home. To give 2 children a family. What could be more awesome that that?

Please, please, please, visit them. Even if you are unable to donate, please leave some words of encouragement.

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