Jan 13, 2011

Vegemite sandwich = love

Yes, it's another post about Vegemite. In my previous post I was lamenting about finding the right balance of Vegemite vs. bread. I must say that I have found my sandwich "promised land" and it lies between two buttered pieces of white toast and just the right amount of this heavenly umame substance.
Most people int he US know of Vegemite from the Men at Work song “Land Down Under”:

"Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
I said, do you speak-a my language?
He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich"

Now, having found the joy of Vegemite, I understand that what the singer was portraying is actually an act of love. You see, making the perfect Vegemite sandwich requires patience. You first have to butter the bread before toasting, spreading a very thin layer evenly all over. After toasting, you have to gently scoop out this hard-to-spread substance and manage to coast the toast with just the right amount as to make it delicious, instead of weird.

So for someone to just give away their Vegemite sandwich to a stranger AND with a smile, I'm sorry, but that's love right there. How many times do I give away a "Vegemite sandwich" to a stranger? And this time I'm not really talking about a sandwich (because I am not parting with it), but in general: something that is precious to me, something that I value.

How many times I would rather buy a new thing that means nothing to me personally, rather than part with something that is dear to me. I started this post, intending just to write about a sandwich, honest! But in my heart, I heard and seen something entirely different - holding on to stuff. Items. Unwilling to give them up to either something better, or to share with someone who has nothing.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave the one and only Son..." This is not just a sandwich, or a trinket, or money, or food we are talking about. This is His Son. Not only that - he only has one, that's it. And he gave him away.

We are not God, and He does not expect us to give away our sons and daughters to others. But I think that he would rejoice seeing us giving someone "our sandwich". To a strange, just because. Just because we have a freedom to love.

Ok, I realize that the song is most likely not about that. I have no idea what the song is about.But the funny thing is, the more I dwell on Vegemite and how it came into my life, the more parallel I see it with my faith.

How did I find Vegemite and began my love affair with this brown yeasty spice of wonder? Well, a colleague, an aussie himself got some from his parents in the mail and was talking us about it. I asked him for a taste, and he painstakingly spent time making the sandwich for me.

Like that person sharing something he loves, can I not do the same with love itself? Share the Love I know and have from the Lord with others. Make them crave it throughout their life. Perhaps they will not be satisfied with the sandwich given but will seek out the "jar" Himself. The very source.

Sorry if this became a bit weird. I never expected to be comparing my faith to a Vegemite sandwich.

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