Jan 26, 2011

Thank God for being sick

Let me explain a bit. I am actually very lucky to not have had any severe health issues throughout my life. Sure, as a child I was sick a lot. Sometimes my fevers would spike to the point of hallucinations. I suffered terrible nosebleeds all the time. Poor health and sanitary conditions in school led me to have frequent stomach viruses and other stuff kids my age and in my area had all the time. I consider that all a part of growing up where I grew up. I think it only made me stronger.

But overall, I have been very fortunate to never have to experience the suffering of having diseases like cancer, for example. I never had to spent weeks at the hospital, or have my mother cry at my bedside, not knowing whether I will live or die.

I was so sick of the past couple of days, that I think I was getting ready to feel sorry for myself. Laying in bed, my body wracked with pain, cold and hot at the same time, my throat so painful, that I wanted to cry. And the headache! As if someone was putting my head in the vice. It was pretty terrible. But then I remembered that if I never feel pain, then I cannot appreciate the absence of it. I feel so much better today, and I thank God for having been sick, because I appreciate my overall good health on a renewed level.

No matter now bad I feel, I always know that I will get better eventually. and the passing of the pain - is one of the best feelings, next to my little son coming into my room and asking if "Mommy is OK, and does she need a glass of water."

I'm OK. I get sick because I am alive. I feel pain and I'm thankful that its just small passing pain. I don't really suffer, not really. And I thank God for being kind and merciful for giving me this life, this healthy body, despite me abusing it all the time.

There is a hospital somewhere in Ukraine, much like many others in numerous countries all over the world. It's a leukemia hospital for kids. You see, hospitals and health care in Ukraine in Russia is not what we have here in the US (no matter how much we don't like it, or how it fails us sometimes). There, if you get sick, you would have to pay for you medicine. If you don't have the money - you cannot get it. I believe that hospitals will keep you, but you will be getting very minimal care.

This organization is being ran by a few men and women who find and collect donations as well as volunteer help for the hospitals and orphanages in their area. They are forever-vigilant and devoted their lives to improving those of the children who have already suffered so much in their short lives:
Children of Zaporozhye

One of the women, working for the organization, is a former patient at that hospital. She was lucky to survive, thanks to sheer endurance of her mother. But imagine this, your child is sick, so very sick that it is very possible that she or he will die. You go to a hospital, and it barely has enough equipment to keep your son or daughter alive. You don't have a choice - you cannot travel, nor do you have the money to make sure your kid has the right kind of medicine to simply survive. How soon before you start going crazy watching your child suffer, only clinging to the slim chance of a miracle?
What do you do when the staff decides to not use up the last of the blood they have in storage, when your kid's nose starts bleeding for hours, because "they are hopeless"?

The story of the woman who was a patient at the hematology ward, and has now dedicated her life into helping the children in her area is an uplifting one. She wrote about the time she spent there as a child, and It is difficult to image such a terrible place and time for anyone, especially for a child.

I hope that you visit their site. Read some of the accomplishments and changes that happened due to help of people who wanted to help. If you feel led to offer help, please do. They have a friend in USA - Patric who assists with donations.
If you cannot give, please find a place in your heart for prayers for the sick and the family-less kids.

I thank God that I'm only sick for a short time. I thank God that my family are all healthy and well and hopefully will never have to suffer like this. I pray that those that are spending time at the loved ones' bedside - find hope and relief in God's arms. I always will pray for miracles of healing. I hope you join me in thanks for all that we have and prayer for those who do not have it.

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