Jan 9, 2011

So much done.

Whew, t he weekend is almost over. Got so much done, for one - completely changed my blog look. I really did not care for the previous one - too travel-brochure. I like warm green colors more.

Also seems like I spent the whole weekend shopping. Went to the mall, ALMOST signed up for the local idol (of sorts) auditions. Decided against it. Bought awesome shoes on sale (its amazing how a pair of shoes can get a girl excited). Kim, you would adore these, I'll make a picture.

Tomorrow, we are promised a winter storm, sleep, hail, basically anything that winter can throw at a city. Very possibly will be staying home and working from there, instead of battling the icy roads.

Re-arranged my craft closet, or rather finished up the project. Found out that I have 3x the amount of felt sheets I thought I had.

Got a cute pink cover for my iPod touch. Still don't know what to do with the thing. But I love looking important, as I whip it out occasionally int he store and poke it with my finger, pretending to look busy. It makes me feel very hip and up to date. And busy.

But in reality, I'm just playing "bubbles" on it. :D

Cleaned up my son's room. He was sent to his room and was told now to come out until it was clean. After we did not see him for an hour, I checked on him, and saw that he did what any 4 year old would do - curled up among his toys, stuck a thumb in his mouth and happily went to sleep.

Oh! We have got rid of the Christmas tree and I reclaimed my living room. It now only has 1 carpet - the tan, instead of the regular tan and the piny-needles one. Broke one of the centerpieces in the process, showering our poor dog with pieces of glass. He is OK. Packed Christmas stuff away and tucked it away for the next year. Also bought some Christmas stuff on clearances, and tucked it away. Now that definitely made me feel all grown-up and sensible. :D

Overall, a tiring but good weekend. Now my boys are watching Avatar and having snacks, and I have time to sit and play some games. With that - good night all!


Kim Foo Young said...

WOW so much done in such a tiny weekend LOL. cant wait to see your new shoes.

Frugal Invitation said...

I'm your newest follower from Mixed Bag Monday! Hope you'll stop back by Wednesday to link up to my Welcome Wednesday hop!

Have a great week!

Frugal Invitation


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