Jan 13, 2011

Prayer request: the boy in the striped shirt

This is from Emma's blog, at Em on a mission. It broke my hart, and I wanted to share it with you all.

Today we went into the slums for a feeding program.
Where we hung out and loved on the kids and then fed them lunch!!
There was probably 100+ kids

But there was one little boy in a little striped shirt I fell in love with.
His name is Chivate
I am in love with him!

He is almost four and looks like he is 18months old.
He is sick with a cough and a runny runny nose.
He has a little brother who's leg was broken and will never ever heal.
It is stuck like that,due to the way it was treated it is turned in.

The two brothers were abandoned by there mother.
Just left in the slums.
I held Chivate for a lot of the feeding program..
He snuggled me and I held him close and kept kissing his forehead.

I then realized it he doesn't have a Mom and a Dad.
They abandoned him.
They are Orphans with no one to take care of them.
My heart is breaking..
When I was leaving I had to set him down and tell him goodbye.

Tears were streaming down his face and he was crying and crying.
It hurts my heart so badly..
He is alone tonight with his brother and no one to hold him.
I can picture him snuggled next to his brother in that little mud hut.
His heart aching for a Mom and a Dad.
His heart aching for a family.
His heart aching for someone to love him and to care.

....My heart is aching for them....

If you think of it pray tonight for the little boy in the striped shirt and his brother..

Please pray with me for these precious ones to find a home. To make it. To be brought to the light and know a home and a family one day. My heart breaks for them, and I can only imagine how painful it was for dear Emma to hold the boy, knowing he will be alone that night. And the night after.

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