Jan 4, 2011


Today, quite out of the blue decided to make Pelmeni, which are basically a Russian tortellini. It took a while, but it tasted just like I remember tasting them when I was little. Its basically a dumpling with meat, boiled. Delicious.

Since it takes a while to make them, as you have to make the individually, usually its a family affair. I told my boys that if the want more, all I need is a couple of dough-rolling slaves. No one volunteered. lol.

This was definitely worth the effort. Pelmeni are a staple, insanely delicious staple of Russian cuisine. There is not a household that is not familiar with it, and I have never met someone who doesn't like them. Unless you are a vegetarian, I suppose. =P

Anyway, prep time takes only about 30 minutes. But making them - is "therapy work", as my dad puts it.


Kim Foo Young said...

oh man - if that was filled with cheese or mushrooms id so be on it. can you put it on foo-ds?

Catalina said...

Yeah, I will. I wish I make pics of the processes of making it.


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