Jan 30, 2011

Peace: one minute at a time.

There is something so exquisite waking up to my little son snuggling under the blanket. Even when one of his cold feet emerges from under the blankets just to sock you in the nose. Its bitter-sweet, because I know that this is so short-lived. This bliss of in-between time, when he is still young enough to be cuddly and squishable and all silly, but old enough to have a funny conversation with, or have him ask me funny questions.

So soon he will be too grown-up for me, know everything, claim that I don't understand him, and that I'm trying to ruin his life. He will be involved in his own life, own friends, own hobbies and interests. Snuggling with mommy will no longer be a treat, but most likely creepy (kind of agree there).

But for now, I just have to always remind myself that these days of when he will gladly drag a chair over to the sink to help me wash the dishes will be over too soon. So what if he doesn't really help, as much as make everything water-logged and drippy? We are spending time together. We are happy and playing.

The aprons that we are wearing were made by Suzanne over at One Less Orphan, One Less Broken Heart. She has a dream of making this a world without orphans. She runs contests and helps others raise funds for their adoptions. We won this pair of adorable aprons at one of her contests. I love that they are a part of some of my happiest memories. If you are a family that is currently working on adopting, or would like to help other families, please visit Suzanne.


Kim Foo Young said...

pretty snazzy aprons you got there :)

Rhiannon said...

thank you so much for participating. those are definately the moments to cheris always XO


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