Jan 6, 2011

The one ring..

Ok, so its the THE ONE ring, but a funny anecdote. My husband's Aunt passed away about a year ago, and we got some of her old jewelry, including this adorable diamond/emerald ring. The ring flips, and you can wear it as either a diamond or an emerald - I've never see anything like it. Me, loving the shiny things, of course asked for the ring.

Now, in Russian culture, one is never ever supposed to wear someone else's jewelry. If you are given a ring, it is thought that its best to give it to a pawn shop and buy it back before wearing. Dipping it in holy water is also considered to "clear the ring of any of the owner's previous, usually negative energy". And one should never ever wear a ring or especially a cross that they find.

Anyway, I don't really believe in those superstitions, so I put the ring on, while actually saying that defiantly to my husband. What do you know, the ring is now stuck on my finger. I have spent all night last night trying to take it off. My finger only gets fatter the more I try. It doesn't hurt, it actually sits quite comfortably on my finger, it just doesn't want to come off and its BOTHERING ME!

Lol, go figure. My father-in-law said that he knows of a way to take it off. He plans to do it tonight. Knowing him, I am actually slightly scared what that might entail.


*~LT Slacker~* said...

Butter!!! Lotion!!!! Oil!!!!

Or, if your finger isn't in any sort of danger...just dip it in Holy Water. It might plop right off (the ring, that is) :p

Good luck!!

Catalina said...

Hahah, when I told my dad "We will have to cut it off" he thought I mean the finger. I think he was also more scared of me saying it so nonchalant.


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