Jan 3, 2011

Going to the doctor, yay!

After much urging from friends and co-workers, I have finally took the time to schedule an eye-doctor appointment. I’m really terrible when it comes to going to the doctors. I never do it. And the weirdest part – I LOVE going to the doctors. Actually I think it’s the attention that I enjoy. The questionnaire they have you fill out. The questions.
Anyway. I’ve been steadily loosing my vision. I already am wearing a really strong contact lenses, and cannot drive (or do anything) without glasses or lenses. Its been getting worse and worse over the past few months. While I still maintain that it could very well be the old lenses, today I am having trouble reading things on my PC screen. I’ve been squinting all day.

So tomorrow, I’m finally going to get my eyes checked out and get a new prescription. This reminds me of a story (of course!). When I was little, my vision started going bad rapidly pretty early. I had to start wearing glasses by the time I was 10. I went to the clinic once (alone), and after the doctor checked my eyes, he told me that I should get a laser surgery done, because at the rate that I am loosing my vision, it is very likely that I will go blind before I hit 20.
That’s a weird thing to day to a kid right? Like, what’s his problem?

Well, I’m way past 20 and still not blind. Well…as long as I have my glasses. But its starting to get scary. How thick do they make those?

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