Jan 14, 2011

Friday hopping - Lets make friends!

I must say, with all the snow and ice outside, I had a hard time crawling out of my warm fleece "nest" this morning. My son and my husband were curled up together in my son's room like two bears, hibernating.

It took me years to understand what my husband meant by saying that he loves the cold because he missed the seasons. He loves the cold, and to feel the cold on his skin, because it makes him appreciate the sun. It makes him consciously aware of when the spring comes and the grown begins to grow green.

He is right. After living some many years in the land of eternal Green (Florida) and forgot what it is like to see that new grass appear, or to smell the springtime air. I honestly can say that this is the first winter in a long while that I am counting days till springtime.

Anyway, lets make some friends!

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The Loops said...

I'm your newest follower! I'd lov it if you'd follow back!



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